Hence.... 2008 FRIENDSHIP AWARD!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

First and foremost... do look back at 2007's award

This year we start with....

Best-Best-Best Friend!!!:
Fark.... Don't have!!!

Best Joke=a-lot friend:
cK *the look-a-like,used to be iced cold, banyak lawak colleague/assistant manager*

Comeback friend:
Cassandra *seems like a season?*

The after college but still around friend:
Joel Stephen *work in same mall!!!*

Best Facebook friend:
Alice Tan *I found more than just her profile :D*

$too much money friend$:

Samuel *Anak Sultan Kelantan*

The always remember about me friend:
Kayalvile *glad I know you*

Most scandalous-with friend:
Miss CJ *though its was nothing...but as I said earlier... you're the best of my 08, no matter what* *I really fell for you...damn it....haha*

Best NEWcomer friend
Wong Joo Hieng *fark....this dood is SUPER AWWWWWWSOME...*

The I forgot you're there but still there friend:
Allie Mun *Blardy guy magnet!!*

The cute boy who has fair skin:
Ivan Kang *My sexylosers.com buddy reader...haha*

Best random friend:
Christine Santoso *hot American-English speaking Indonesian Chinese gal!!!*

The most weight loss friend:
Chia Li *giler wan... work in Starbucks then can lose half her fats... damn terrer!!!*

The M.I.A friend:
Peik Yee *Cinderella is with prince charming already kuaaaa*

The Best Breakfast friend:
Iylia *Sorry ya.....hari ni saya makan babi....swt? jkjk*

Sexiest colleague/friend (at work):
Tracy Wong *ha ha ha...we both know why....keke*

Most Emo at time friend:
Jesslyn Tan *doooooood....chill....adoi*

Most improved friend:
Sarah Tan *Lost weight and still manage to...... er...... hawtness attribute level up...haha*

I LUUUUUUURVE you all my kawan!!!!

xoxo....... gossip bastard.....

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Alice Lizzie said...

i am very glad to receive this award. first of all, i would like to thank Daniel for giving out this award. then i would like to thank my parents, my siblings, my friends, my dog, my neighbors, and my fellow ppl... thanks! i will work harder next year!