Pokemon Go Malaysia 3rd Migration - Melaka

Tuesday, October 04, 2016


A while since I blogged.

Just wanna share what's there in Melaka if you're going there for Pokemon Go.

I was there from 1st October - 3rd October 2016.
Right off my mind of what I caught are.....

This is at Jonker, Dataran Pahlawan, Mahkota Parade, Melaka Raya

Magenemite - about 38 of them
Voltorb - about 38 of them
Electrode - spawned (didn't catch coz wanna evolve one for experience)
Magneton - spawned (didn't catch coz wanna evolve one for experience)
Vulpix - Caught 1
Dratini - Sighted one at The Shore shopping mall (no spawn)
Porygon - Sighted one in between Hatten Square/Mahkota Parade (no spawn, didn't hunt for it)
Shellder - Caught 2, One by the seaside at Dataran 1Malaysia and the floating mosque
Charmander - Caught 2
Bulbasaur - Caught 1
Squirtle - Caught 1
Mankey - Caught 1 at Dataran 1Malaysia
Sandshrew - Caught 1
Rhyhorn - Caught 1
Poliwag - Caught a few
Magikarp - Caught a few
Psyduck - Caught a few
Staryu - Caught a few
Seel - Caught 1
Machop - Caught 1
Spearow - Caught many
Arbok - Spawned at floating mosque
Gloom - Caught 1
Oddish - Jonker

That's about it... but the spawn are mostly great from Jonker to Datarn... Happy hunting!!

Malaysia GST.... RM51 Billion Collection later...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Well, nothing much has changed. The poor aren't getting any better, the middle class is dying a little more by the day.

BR1M has not increased enough to help the poor or the ones who really need financial aid. But it's a sad fact that the BR1M mechanism itself is broken, where there are talks of non-deserving people also getting aid, as well of people who are "dead". But that's all down to the mechanics of the federal government on how they want to play things so they "look" favourable to the rakyat's eyes


PM calls it (GST) the country's saviour. Well I think many would agree if we said it saved the government more, from debts...unnecessary debts.

I disagree with the Opposition who's saying that GST is not necessary. It's a progressive tax, as we're also taxing foreigners, tourists and working immigrants. It's revenue to the government for fucks sake. It's what the federal government is doing with the money that we shouldn't be agreeing about...like bailing our national car maker and airline....MAS and PROTON. They should die a slow death, or a fast one...

GST's revenue should be propelling the country forward, helping the needy, re-evaluate welfare of the people (perhaps in Healthcare), infrastructure to places like East Malaysia and much more. Not to tanggung all this 1MDB nonsense.

The rakyat, PRO-BN or not, have to really ask the question, where has the RM51b(and counting) gone to? is there a transparent black & white roadmap for these funds?

It's like a family or a relationship, imagine you earn RM10k (for example) then asyik kata no money la, hutang la....Then when your spouse/partner ask what are you expenditure/expenses like....it's like there's a blackhole(or a void) of a chunk of money uncounted for...(perhaps main ayam ke,judi ke...or whatever la)

BN or opposition...the rakyat wants what's best for Malaysia, who does a better and CLEANER job should take the helm. If BN buat betul, I okay je....whatever that benefit the rakyat la, cause I think if Opposition take over pun sama je corruption, maybe lesser and cleaner at the start but it'll eventually be the same. Why? It's a Malaysian thing...

Kalau I tak makan, orang lain makan....baik I makan dulu

~suara seorang penumpang

Apple iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus Price Malaysia (Logically Speaking) & Malaysia Launch Date

Monday, September 28, 2015

Well looking at how shyty the Malaysian currency is now against anything.... We're down the fucking dumps for a country who has resources such as petroleum and land.

Reality Check... for the 191,340,135th time!!!

1 USD is to +- MYR 4.40 (That's the price of Msian being so Anti-America)
1 SGD  is to +- MYR 3.10 (These people barely have any resources)
1 PGK  is to +- MYR 1.50 (Papua New Guinea is more backwards than us!)
100 THB  is to +- MYR 12.20 (fuck cannot go for massage anymore!)

Anyways..... back to iPhone 6s pricing in Malaysia. What's it gonna be? LowYat has come up with some elaborate table and jibber jabber here.

Anyhow... Let's make it more simple to believe....(click to enlarge). Comparison is used between the US Apple Website and the Malaysia Apple Website after the price adjustment to the iPhone6 & 6plus.

16GB iPhone 6s – RM3,199
64GB iPhone 6s – RM3,699
128GB iPhone 6s – RM4,199
16GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM3,699
64GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM4,199
128GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM4,699

As for launch date.... LowYat.Net has already spotted SIRIM entries for the phone.... well.. by the looks of it... Perhaps November 1 again just like the 5s or probably early December. Looking at how the market is going, Apple has once again smashed their opening sales record for the iPhone... 13 million this time around as opposed to about 10million last year

UPDATE: Launch day is set for October 16th, 2015 (Friday) for Malaysia

What is it like to be a Malaysian (2015)

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

What is it like to be a Malaysian?

1) Breathe haze
2) Good Food
3) Kena Bully by Government
4) Kena Con by Government
5) Kena charge GST by Government
6) Kena Tariff hike from Tenaga
7) Kena Racial Abuse from certain quarters
8) Double Park
9) Triple Park
10) I Park where I like Park
11) Knowing there are still people backing and supporting a cancer which is killing the country
12) Government tell lies to you everyday
13) Government racially abuses you
14) Government create laws like magicians pulling rabbits out of hats
15) Voting doesn't even really matters
16) Not understanding Separation of Powers
16) Not understanding Check and Balance
17) Donation and Bribery is about the same
18) Reporting facts gets you banned
19) Every report against the Government is inCredible
20) One source which is Pro Government = The Gospel Truth
21) Bargaining
22) Complaining
23) Corrupt
24) Racist
25) Dealing with Pariah people on a daily basis
26) Every other person loves to drink KOPI
27) Internet is expensive and shitty
28) Mobile Internet is expensive and shitty
29) The currency is lower than backwards country such as Papua New Guinea (1PGK = RM 1.30+-)
30) Boycotting is a noble act
31) Knowing that a immigrant has voting rights
32) Overpaid stuffs (Starbucks... RM 18 for a Venti?!?!?!)
33) Ridiculous taxes on cars
34) Ridiculous quality on local cars
35) constantly wonder where all the profits of Petronas goes to?
36) Current/Next generation can't afford a house
37) RM 1.20++ for a Roti Canai
38) Paying Service Charge also being served like crap
39) Being told that saving from young makes you able to buy expensive jewelry
40) Buying Nasi Lemak from stalls which are located in front of a drain
41) Every economical problem are caused by the Chinese
42) Taxi man are gangsters and hustlers
43) Knowing that we are always behind Singapore
44) The number 2.6 and 700 are the most popular numbers
45) Occasionally being chased out of the country by Government for complaining
46) Wearing a yellow shirt might get you caught
47) Being brainwashed at a young age via public education
48) Anything which doesn't have tax revenue for the Government is illegal
49) Knowing where the Good Spa areas are
50) Throwing newborns is still a thing, even decapitating them
51) Incest is also popular among certain quarters (still?!?!)
52) Every other day the cops bust some drug operation
53) Knowing that there's one month in a year that God walk among men
54) Newspaper and local news reports are altered to anger you more
55) Opposition = Pot calling Kettle Black
56) Police backs Government =.=
57) Cronyism
58) Petrol price is "cheaperer" now.

Proud to be Malaysian?
Hate the Government but love the Country?

I have nothing to be proud of to be a Malaysian....except the food.

~suara seorang penumpang

Zaman GST melanda Malaysia | It's a new Malaysia

Monday, May 25, 2015

oh...ketepikan lah our ever weakening Ringgit.... But it is.... GST time here in Malaysia..

Those who propagate the abolishment of GST... Well either their ignorant or they know that the government won't use it on them and that they "makan" more.

Me... yea... hell yeah I suffer from it....not from food...but from car service, insurance and the luxury stuffs I want.... yeah.... fucking the mahal now man.... Ridiculous. But I think this is a tax mechanism which is needed for the country to grow... It is indeed a useful tool for a government....a clean one that is.... unlike the current one what we have which is...meh

If you think Fakatan is gonna abolish GST if/when they gain power.... ahhhh that's fucking BS la... utter BS and you're naive person..... RM 22 Billion from GST collection.... 22 fucking Billion... Who know how much that is to help the rakyat??? *assuming they will la..... Abolish and turn down over 22 fucking Billion yearly? PUIK!

Moving over to Traders advertising "absorbing GST" for the consumers.... ala ma hai puki ana meh hai!!!! If my employers are doing that....I need a fucking raise or bonus.... why should traders "absorb" GST?  GST is a consumption tax.... It's tax to all who consume!!!! EVEN the BANGLA, INDON,MYANMAR and all the other other colored people who are here in Malaysia.... THIS IS WHERE WE MAKE MORE MONEY FROM people who are coming here to study or work!!!!! WHY ABSORB FOR THEM TOO??????? how la the country wanna grow like this!!!!! And when they say "absorb"...its BS.... GST registered companies are required to show GST amount collected... Have you seen any Invoice which say...."Wa settle GST untuk lu" on the receipt?... NOOOO LA....there's always a GST AMOUNT there....Prices are lowered...and GST is implied....hence why some items, the price stays the same. Malaysian people forever the bodoh laaaaaaa simi fuck la citizens like this. This kinda advertising should be illegal as opposed to the time where there were saying PRE-GST price.... Item sold before 31st March is considered PRE-GST Price is it not?.... fucking gov say its illegal..... bagus la

oh and what's up with Tun M telling Najib to abolish GST????  why? cos that old man wants attention....he lonely, even the hooded man with the scythe tak cari him that's why. Eh..... Najib and Tun M is ruling in different timeline.....Don't apply Tun M's template entirely on Najib's.... It's not fair to gauge Najib's performance based on Tun M..... Fuck... I don't see Tun M giving out BR1M...See.....it's apples and oranges.... Tun M should just go back into his cave and chill. "abolish GST" konon.....Populist

~suara seorang penumpang

Malaysians Malaysia Malay Lay ay a?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Apa Nak Jadi Malaysia?...

So reliant on Petroleum?.... Mati
So reliant on PalmOil?... Mati

Currency weakening coz of above two reasons... Mati

1MDB Cannot answer properly, causes worries in FDI...foreign investment pulls out... Mati

Najib.... still there... still No.1... I wonder how he sleeps at night... I need his secret. I do bad stuffs a fraction of his magnitude and I still find it hard to sleep at night sometimes.

How and why are there people....blind and non blind, stupid and non stupid, Malay and non Malay....can support a ruling government like this? NO.. I'm not saying that Fakatan Rakyat is the answer(coz they got lots of shyt too) but why are there still supporters of the ruling government? Those with kepentingan I get it la but those hooligans low life type.....oh tak faham la.

MYR Currency strength jatuh.... Harder for us Malaysians to enjoy the world, to holiday or to send kids overseas to study

1 USD = MYR 3.60++ from MYR 2.90 few months back
1SGD = MYR 2.70+- from MYR 2.20 many years back
1GBP = MYR 5.50++ from MYR 5 few months back

eh malu la... MALU!!!!! where to put face... What is Zeti Aziz doing?

The ruling government can easily get my vote... just answer one thing

How is it a small island with hardly any resources have a currency which is close to triple of ours? If there can fix that back to 1:1.... FOREVER la I'll vote them

The way the government answers about 1MDB is like me telling my teacher that my pet ate my homework =.=