Wonder Woman Theme Song - Hans Zimmer + Junkie XL *MUST WATCH*

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Watch the thoughts that went into the music for Wonder Woman in the Wonder Woman movie and its inception back in BvS Batman v. Superman

The first time we heard it. Didn't expect the music to come from a chello....

Malaysian Election 2017?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy 2017 peeps!!!

Here we go again... we Malaysians may be closing in for the 14th General Election this year and things doesn't look like it's gonna change. Last I blogged about this was few months before GE13... Do read it here.

Daniel's thoughts on the para above and my old post:
Well, if things are really gonna change although we're hopeful for it... we should try to complain/whine less about it and take advantage of it. Let's look at one of the many isolated incident. Given that I invest/speculate in shares.... Did you know Tenaga Nasional went up to RM 12 from RM 7 during election year? BN "promised" on no tariff hike, but after winning.... Tenaga went on to increase tariff in December that year.... RM7-RM12.... that's almost 100%, in just the span of April-December 2013. I think there were many who almost doubled their portfolio that year. Tenaga is just one of the many government related share that bull-ed quite well after the election, I'm just picking on Tenaga...coz hey...everyone knows Tenaga right?

Moving on...

Malaysia has been "almost" 50:50 in its government since the political tsunami back in 2009... Where they blamed it all on the Chinese....this la that la.... Well Since then, Selangor and Penang are states that only BN can think of at night, like a teenage boy fapping to the girl of his dreams. Both coalition has it's pros and cons over the years. I think PR has it's fair share of stupidity and that BN has its glimmer of hope every once in a awhile.

Here are things I agree on over the years:
BN: Goods & Services Tax (GST) or Cukai Barangan & Perkhidmatan (CBP). Starting at 6% was a killer though but I believe this is a progressive tax, I just don't like how the government is not transparent on how they spend the GST collection. RM 50 billion collected, but government still goyah no money.... you know I know la. But we need this tax as we are taxing tourist,expats and immigrants who are spending.... that's good revenue for the government, can't deny that. People should see how expats are spending here....damn. And the Opposition has to stop on this GST abolishment crap fight, FUCK, instead of fighting for abolishment of GST, why not pitch on how you'd use the funds better if and when you're in power, or perhaps lowering the percentage point or something.

BN: Subsidy removal for sugar, cooking oil, flour, petrol. Removal of subsidy is good to let free market kick in. But sadly our free market in Malaysia are mostly "orang miskin"...therefore government have to go regulate prices for traders. I think that's a fucking dick move, Government jimat on subsidy payout but don't allow trader to increase price.... Traders are being BUTTFUCKED big time by the government. And speaking of the float in petrol price, till not there's no clear and transparent mechanism of the tax being applied before the final pump price we see every month. I'd vote BN if they're transparent and clean about GST Collection and petrol price mechanism. And the sugar subsidy removal... You know what, wanna do something, just do it... don't give some fucking lame excuse saying....ooooo for the benefit of the rakyat coz we're not healthy... HEY, Government raised ciggy price almost 2x now.... people still smoke what...what cock you talking?

BN: BR1M... well many think it is a bribe to the rakyat... it really isn't, well that's my unpopular opinion. If it is, it is a bad one coz non BN voters are getting it and still voting the other side. It is "redistribution of wealth" tool, where only certain quarters within a certain income bracket gets it. I't still not perfect as the redistribution is low and the middle class being stranded because they're not entitled. Example: instead of petrol subsidy which EVERYONE enjoys (rich,super-rich,expats,immigrants)... now at the very least the poorer are compensated and non-deserving quarters don't get the "subsidy" But the fact that BN has fucked up the economy for everyone, the amount that is distributed via BR1M is a mockery to its people. Political instability has rendered the currency useless and that prices for lots of stuff has increased. Thanks Najib. THANKS ALOT

PR: Many don't know that actually Selangor and Penang has lots of perks/rebates for its citizen... One just have to go find out about it via your nearest ADUN. Like Selangor, there's a small sum of money that the State Government gives if a family member passes away, to help with the cost. There's even scholarship programs and much more.... Oh well.... coz Pakatan holding the two richest state in the country... Mentally rich to put BN on their toes

PR: I like that I see handicap parkings being allocated around Selangor... free buses for the rakyat. It's good to see money is being used for the rakyat... Something concrete that you can see everyday.

Here are things I don't agree on over the years:

BN: Barbaric, racist, stupid statements from the cabinet... Like WTF are you guys made of?

BN: 1MDB....dah kena tipu semua orang Malaysia.

BN: Ministers talking shyt about balik kampung, tanam sayur sendiri, work 2-3 jobs. It shows the level of competency of the people that "we" have "put" in office... down right sad to the bone

BN: Shyt promises on not increasing electric tariff and to reduce toll rates.... janji kotek la... janji janji. FUCK now GST collect so much, don't have to rely on Petronas d kan? don't rely on toll collection also la. Naik GST 1% and abolish toll pun I think it's viable. But hey.... duit mana boleh cukup kan?

BN & PR: Redneck barbaric hooligan blind supporters of both parties who cannot brain what a middle ground is or being the devil's advocate... To them... it's either 0 or 1..... with me or against me. It shows how immature the people are, we can always agree to disagree and admit there are some things that the opposing side is doing right. You so hot support the party for what, dapat duit ka? (maybe kut...or dapat project...or t-shirt free)... Don't support the politicians, support the idea that stands right. People come and go.

PR: Picking the wrong fights with BN to prove their incompetence....jeez, is the agenda the rakyat or just freeing Anwar... and speaking of Anwar, fuck, I never liked that we tried to stick his feet into Selangor via the "Kajang Move". I think that the opposition has to be more visual in their campaigning towards the rakyat. Don't just print posters or talk about it, don't be lazy, get a marker and explain stuffs on the white board as many people are the visual type. Address the very basic of BN's shyt...especially the recent comment made by Irwan Serigar on petrol pump price and his inability to do dollar to dollar comparison.... man Serigar was talking shyt

PR: The Selangor MB power struggle... like what's up with that. This only show that all politicians are the same, fighting or their own gain instead for the rakyat. Changing MBI to DEIG, Anwar in the mix, Azmin out for blood for the top post.

Mahathir: Well he should just rest... Personally I don't think he's doing much good holding hands with Pakatan Harapan, as he had his fair share of controversy back in his days.

I may have lots more on my mind... but I guess this will do for now =P
I'll end with this.

2017 Public Holidays Malaysia Apple Calendar Subscription

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Click HERE to subscribe.... This Calendar does not include School Holidays *pardon me, not a parent yet* =P

I welcome your comments :)

Pokemon Go Malaysia 3rd Migration - Melaka

Tuesday, October 04, 2016


A while since I blogged.

Just wanna share what's there in Melaka if you're going there for Pokemon Go.

I was there from 1st October - 3rd October 2016.
Right off my mind of what I caught are.....

This is at Jonker, Dataran Pahlawan, Mahkota Parade, Melaka Raya

Magenemite - about 38 of them
Voltorb - about 38 of them
Electrode - spawned (didn't catch coz wanna evolve one for experience)
Magneton - spawned (didn't catch coz wanna evolve one for experience)
Vulpix - Caught 1
Dratini - Sighted one at The Shore shopping mall (no spawn)
Porygon - Sighted one in between Hatten Square/Mahkota Parade (no spawn, didn't hunt for it)
Shellder - Caught 2, One by the seaside at Dataran 1Malaysia and the floating mosque
Charmander - Caught 2
Bulbasaur - Caught 1
Squirtle - Caught 1
Mankey - Caught 1 at Dataran 1Malaysia
Sandshrew - Caught 1
Rhyhorn - Caught 1
Poliwag - Caught a few
Magikarp - Caught a few
Psyduck - Caught a few
Staryu - Caught a few
Seel - Caught 1
Machop - Caught 1
Spearow - Caught many
Arbok - Spawned at floating mosque
Gloom - Caught 1
Oddish - Jonker

That's about it... but the spawn are mostly great from Jonker to Datarn... Happy hunting!!

Malaysia GST.... RM51 Billion Collection later...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Well, nothing much has changed. The poor aren't getting any better, the middle class is dying a little more by the day.

BR1M has not increased enough to help the poor or the ones who really need financial aid. But it's a sad fact that the BR1M mechanism itself is broken, where there are talks of non-deserving people also getting aid, as well of people who are "dead". But that's all down to the mechanics of the federal government on how they want to play things so they "look" favourable to the rakyat's eyes


PM calls it (GST) the country's saviour. Well I think many would agree if we said it saved the government more, from debts...unnecessary debts.

I disagree with the Opposition who's saying that GST is not necessary. It's a progressive tax, as we're also taxing foreigners, tourists and working immigrants. It's revenue to the government for fucks sake. It's what the federal government is doing with the money that we shouldn't be agreeing about...like bailing our national car maker and airline....MAS and PROTON. They should die a slow death, or a fast one...

GST's revenue should be propelling the country forward, helping the needy, re-evaluate welfare of the people (perhaps in Healthcare), infrastructure to places like East Malaysia and much more. Not to tanggung all this 1MDB nonsense.

The rakyat, PRO-BN or not, have to really ask the question, where has the RM51b(and counting) gone to? is there a transparent black & white roadmap for these funds?

It's like a family or a relationship, imagine you earn RM10k (for example) then asyik kata no money la, hutang la....Then when your spouse/partner ask what are you expenditure/expenses like....it's like there's a blackhole(or a void) of a chunk of money uncounted for...(perhaps main ayam ke,judi ke...or whatever la)

BN or opposition...the rakyat wants what's best for Malaysia, who does a better and CLEANER job should take the helm. If BN buat betul, I okay je....whatever that benefit the rakyat la, cause I think if Opposition take over pun sama je corruption, maybe lesser and cleaner at the start but it'll eventually be the same. Why? It's a Malaysian thing...

Kalau I tak makan, orang lain makan....baik I makan dulu

~suara seorang penumpang

Apple iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus Price Malaysia (Logically Speaking) & Malaysia Launch Date

Monday, September 28, 2015

Well looking at how shyty the Malaysian currency is now against anything.... We're down the fucking dumps for a country who has resources such as petroleum and land.

Reality Check... for the 191,340,135th time!!!

1 USD is to +- MYR 4.40 (That's the price of Msian being so Anti-America)
1 SGD  is to +- MYR 3.10 (These people barely have any resources)
1 PGK  is to +- MYR 1.50 (Papua New Guinea is more backwards than us!)
100 THB  is to +- MYR 12.20 (fuck cannot go for massage anymore!)

Anyways..... back to iPhone 6s pricing in Malaysia. What's it gonna be? LowYat has come up with some elaborate table and jibber jabber here.

Anyhow... Let's make it more simple to believe....(click to enlarge). Comparison is used between the US Apple Website and the Malaysia Apple Website after the price adjustment to the iPhone6 & 6plus.

16GB iPhone 6s – RM3,199
64GB iPhone 6s – RM3,699
128GB iPhone 6s – RM4,199
16GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM3,699
64GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM4,199
128GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM4,699

As for launch date.... LowYat.Net has already spotted SIRIM entries for the phone.... well.. by the looks of it... Perhaps November 1 again just like the 5s or probably early December. Looking at how the market is going, Apple has once again smashed their opening sales record for the iPhone... 13 million this time around as opposed to about 10million last year

UPDATE: Launch day is set for October 16th, 2015 (Friday) for Malaysia