Psykotha spotted in Twitter Politik Malaysia

Sunday, May 31, 2009



Psykotha on Major Search Engines =p








Melayu lawan Melayu
India lawan India...
Cina makan babi ketawa tengok lu olang gaduh...

Oh Malaysia Malaysia.... lu apa mau jadi?
kata mau 1 MALAYSIA tapi semua org masih melayu cina india
1 MALAYSIA is when we all call ourselves MALAYSIANS... like how the indons represent themselves.... you ask a chinese indon where's he/she from... response : i'm INDON!!!! no melayu, no cina....!!!

Najib oh Najib... the theory of less hair more talent doesn't apply on you.... shut the fuck up already and run this country right!

The country is not progressing is all thanks to the mentality that we all have... no matter how educated you are.... there are still shyt attitudes among you guys... I know a malay friend who anti-Jew(heck! the war ain't here), a racist towards malays when his close friend is a malay (seriously, ini cina tak mau hidup lama).... and the indian...being indians... complicated as seen on TV.

ini Nizar dengan Zambry... suka cucuk each other buntut.... accept your lost la.... Sultan pun satu... mau sibuk from the beginning. Just run an election and get it over with. 32mil is spurlge on by-elections....what's another 7mil?(if that is what it takes to shut the loser up)

Give the opposition party a chance to run the country.. so what if there's a crack between them already.... isn't that what UMNO and the rest went through back in the days? It's unfair to judge them now and be comapred against BN... BN ruled for 50 years! Opposition... 1 year plus! If opposition can do BN's 50years work in 1 year... they should be in Thailand, Manilla, Indonesia to HELP THE WORLD.

Wake up MALAYSIA!!!! Tontonilah SELAMAT PAGI MALAYSIA (d RTM 1) UNTUK BANGUN!!!!! wake your lazy ass of mo-fo(s)

2 a.m.

Learn to totally let go... Something which doesn't happen towards your first love. No matter how it ended or what she did wrong, she's always remembered as an angel.

It's almost 3 a.m. and I'm thinking bout it.... all thanks to Facebook. =D

Well, life does not only stop there... My shades isn't back yet. Shopped 2 pairs of Quiksilver shorts. Sold a Macbook. It has been shaky.

Most relevant quote that applies to me right now in my life?
~ I love you, Man!

have you ever wondered (to guys) that chasing girls isn't total happiness? and the phrase bros before ho's is actually important?

Classes with M, movie with R and lunch with Mickey Mouse.....haha.... it's been fun.... and I could actually talk about Malaysian politics and get good feedback about it! and HELL YEAH GUYS GOSSIP WAY MORE THAN GIRLS... AND WE'RE BETTER AT IT.

~fuck I feel so gay right now...I think it's the lesbian porn that I just watched

Pissed off at somebody... more the reason to be racist to that particular race...DAMN YOU PEOPLE ARE SHYT!.... Don't judge me for being a racist... because everyone is!

omg... glanced through again the old blog... haha.. good times... and I stumble on the part about the WORST ARGUEMENT (WHICH NOW I CALL IT THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE DONE!). As I read, it all flashed back so fast! every detail of it... it was.... omg.....
Sorry ML... ah jeez... feels likes its uber too late. Sorry to K too.. I remember the mess up I made.... and it was at Pyramid too! fuck!!!!!!! everything in my life is from that mall!!!! worst dates,first job, sunglasses, Timberland shoes and shirt, Braun Buffel wallet, QS shorts, BritIndia Top,Raoul Shirt,Lacoste shirt, ear pierced, my iPod Touch and iMac, Bose Headphones...many more!...haha

ok.. I shall stop torturing myself reading it.... but yeah... most of what happen in the first did happen in the second too.... haihz...

Life... is all about changing, adapting.... I did... over the past four years... I create stories and blamed you to make myself feel better... but heck when I saw your name that day... May 27 2009! woo hoo.... damn I look like a wreck.....anyways... I'm of to bed... its late..... nights!

Braun B!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bonia... since 2004

The year of the ox.... Therefore, BRAUN!



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Damn I didn't bring my camera.... so this would be a textful update.... as I told HH that tonight's outing was actually a social night as I met new people..... Julius the Driver, and Kate the Taller than Julius. AwesomeHair Yee Huey was with us too.... J and K were YH's friends. Too bad SH couldn't make it...Garrett who I think family brought him out for birthday dinner & HH who was rather sleepy.

Anyways, the night started at mamak...hey wait....Maybank....the Old Town...then mamak. Jeez YH couldn't make up her mind.... We talked alot... laughed.... I had a bad MaggiMEEGORENG. Made lalang jokes.

Then J,K,YH had a random thought of going Putrajaya... coz of a friend. And I was doubtful bout it... but heck! I always wanted a night out, so JALAN LA. It was awesome driving around Putrajaya. I thought I saw the ENTERPRISE but it was actually the Parliament Building. There were also catchy phrase at the Government area saying "BUAT KERJA"... awesum!
It was like.... Fantasy world... hmmm, looks way better than how it was on TV =D. Met more of YH's friends, one was familiar but lupa how I knew her and the other was w******. Had sakit perut... left bout like 2.15 a.m. and got stupid ONE LANE police Roadblock.... jeez...

Mom was calling and telling me she couldn't sleep. Aiyo... she just wouldn't let me grow up.... Anyways... it's super eventful, met new kaki and realise she was actually quite hawt... wakaka

*loved the outing~enjoyed the company

Two Weeks of Pain

Friday, May 22, 2009

Facial-Dental-Tattoo touch up
all in the space of 7 days


I feel like a masochist... bleh!... minus the sex part...haha

Must.............. Blog

Monday, May 18, 2009

Well... ya. I really love my blog and I feel that I ditched it for a few days.... well, not many people to share my love around these days besides myself.

Proudly skipped work to watch Angels & Demons with M,F,N.... was a okay. I haven't watch Star Trek and Push though. Damn I kinda hate my lack of timeness.

The whole week was just........ normal..... it isn't like the spark I had back in semester 1. Learned a new game though, it's called Mad Gab.... a board game for parties but try playing in online. Adding to that, hell my facial was painful this time around.

Grinned widely when I saw your cbox. =D
relieved when you told me that was.... nevermind
happy that you still talk to me after I left
surprised to hug you =P

Broke... left with RM 4 in my wallet :( and a few textbook that I have to pay.... Buzz kill!
Dental appointment, tattoo touch up.... hmmm.... bring the pain!!!

Man I feel better after blogging... :D
Hope this week will :D

Semester 2 still ain't Right

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Assignments are in, shades have to wait, and stupid/idiotic jealousy towards me.

~~~ I hate that label.... but I'm fine with others, like gemuk, badak, babi hutan... but not what you called me. Mr. Cool still has a sensitive spot and I'm proud that I still have it.

ink ink ink!!!! what are the plans?!?!??!!? farks! (though it's in Oct..but damn!)
crave for watch! let's see whether it lasts as long as wanting(ed) a Macbook.

Some girls are purely into using guys.... period!
and I encountered one who is good at it because she's hawt... but heck, not falling for it! (especially when this kinda people own a bf which has stupid jealousy out of nowhere!?) SERIOUSLY!!!! insecure can you be compared to a fat guy? *"big" dick, micro confidence*

(he's not buff, but he's buff with humor) ~ this is what A TRUE FRIEND sounds like. Haven't got one in ages!

Random fact..
Things on my table:
Apple Reseller Sign
L'OREAL toner
Casio fx-570ms calculator
100plus 500ml bottle
Apple remote
Air-con remote
Razr2 V9 handphone
iPod Nano 4th gen 4GB RED
iPod Touch
Face moisturiser
Handphone Charger
Maxis mousepad

Walked you back... I miss that feeling. *smiles*

JS out~

Fantasy to reality

Friday, May 08, 2009

hmmm... I wonder what am I going to pull out next from the computer screen =D


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

K.... lost you as a friend ages ago
C.... it's amazing how stale things with you but still isn't in the bin
L.... Hardly hear from you.... is busy-ness really taking a toll on you?

~Inti's new semester Timetable has a lifespan of my fart... keep changing.... better stabilize soon!
~~Rm 800 bank issue.... jeez.... daylight robbery from a bank towards its consumers?
~~~Weird marks on my shades and defects... need to utilize guarantee card so fast? jeez
~~~~Wages from employer always wrong. Chinaman business style on cutting cost (hiring dumbass)

My old blogging habits really died for good I guess....When I look back... jeez... really pour my heart out... unlike now.... so filtered...haha. Not easy to be expressive when you want to keep the blog public... =p

~sucky week!!!!

Dawn of A New Semester

Monday, May 04, 2009

weee.... stress betul new semester.... all 5 subjects I'm taking is like..... heavy I assume..... and lecturer is not doing his/her best o make it sound alright.... keep rubbing the negative stuffs on us... jeezzzz bodoh-nya

So ya.... still under motivated to actually start the new semester....

Nice to see friends again....
Bad to see that there are plenty of DESPO guys in INTI... jeez....

"wow wow... good to be back... got new chiqs ar got ar got ar? let's go see la"

ish... lack of porn/action ar these people..... gosh... memalukan kaum jantan

the night before college start... I put on a mask..


*look like hantu!*

2 weeks holiday... well utilised I assume

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Since didn't really go out this semester break...

been working and chilling around.... towards the end of holidays was the bomb..

Exam Results - did alright!
My Tag Heuer Shades - finally got them!
Chilling - with hawty Ms. HH
Clubbing - for Sarah's Birthday
Malacca - balik kampung see grandma...

There were like flashes of memoirs that I half hearted-ly wanted back into my life. Jeezzzzz, must clear the air once and for all!!!! ~emo-nya

Things I did before the new semester began:

had a haircut
called a gurl who just got back from London
ter-drench my wallet in the wash.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new semester...

Shitty Wednesday, Eventful Thursday

Friday, May 01, 2009

Taken my results today... first time at Inti... did alright... 3B 2 C... What you do expect? Especially when Mus said I Fuck Around alot after class...... sobs =( . Knowing that it was out on Wed wrecked me coz.... knowing my performance... I knew I did shyt in some of the papers.

Felt rejoice..... went back to Ms. N and laughed our way through till I needed to go to work.... She had been my holiday kaki where we just talk/bitch/laugh bout life..... and I saw Q like a zombie today..... N told me that I should get used to him being like that.

At work... was hyper and ate Hagen Daaz!!!!! super sedapness but expensive..... RM 14 for one scoop

Finally gotten my 5019!!! woo hoo.... niceness!!!! I love it!!! pictures bout it will be up pretty soon kayz!!! weee... Broke the record on highest expenditure on a single product that is worn on body...

After work... happy-ness continued when I hanged with pretty gurl HH. Shared everyhting bout life... was fun, wished it was longer though... time flew super fast when I was having a good time! Had Corona along with Fish & Chips.... I wish time just stopped just for like 2 extra hours.

Bumped into Mizz C with her kaki btw b4 meeting up with HH...... chilled and Bubba Gum for awhile and I had annoying bar tenders. yesssh...

now... I'm home.... and just when I was enjoying.... time ruined it for me....

miss you HH