Year of the Ox

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bla bla bla... Fengshui bla bla money come in...bla bla.... BS!!! this year my money flow out like Tsunami.... actually.... I bought a lot of stuffs actually... the self pamper mode has to stop in 2010... damn it...

So... 2009
The Big Buys are.....

Raoul Shirt for Annual Dinner

Tag Heuer Sun-glass =p

New Wallet (This was really needed)

Evisu Jeans

2nd Tattoo

Aeron Chair, Bamboo Pen & Touch, and Western Digital Mybook 1TB

of course I achieve most of what I planned last year...*Don't count the watch dream*
ACPP for Nano
Credit Card
New girlfriend
New wallet...


gotta admit thought that I bought a lot of unnecessary stuffs... damn...

Wishlist 2010 will be up soon.... =D

Friendship Award 2009!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Take a look back at previous years winners!

Best New-comer friend:
Shane Chooi *1st dude to talk to me in Inti.... =p*

Joke-a-LOT friend:

Best MSN friend:
Sherlyn Tan *Isi Isi*

Best Blog Friend:
Cheah Shu Yi

M.I.A friend:

The not enough kain style of dressing friend:
Avanda Tan

Smartest friend:

Hottest Petite friend:
Wong Sook Ping

Most Blur Apple Friend:
Hong Keng Chien

Accident Friend:
Ridzwan *almost mati sama sama....damn*

Best work colleague:
CK *my impostor*

Most Emo friend:
Jesslyn Tan *at times*

Spent most for on Birthday friend:
Sarah Tan

Most reliable friend:
Tuan Tynn *History assignment!!*

Strong enough to forgive my asshole-ness friend:

Annoying friends:
The list is tooooo long!!!

Most DRAMA friend:
*Daniel.... my life is ovvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr*

Most active friend:
Megan Tan Yue Mei

Hottest East Malaysian friend:
Nana Soo

Best Random friend:
Natalie Lim Fei Theng!!!!

The Forgotten Friend:
CJ Tan

Cutest friend:
Carissa Gan

Techie Friend:
Chinese Paul

that's all for 2009 peeps....=D

Movies 09

Song by Leona Lewis: I See You

The trailer was out quite early for this one and there was not much hype about this movie...until towards the screening where the ridonkulous budget made it a big hoo-haa.... it IS an awesome movie! for me... MOVIE OF 2009!!!

oh Transformers eat shit!!!!

the other nice movie would be Star Trek!!!

Went to watch this yesterday though... ah... no biggie.... I like how the movie is done though... the setting, the cinematics... but the plot.... ahhh.... nonsense.... quite a let down!!!

Megan Fox who? Jessica Alba who?





Men rules the SCREEN!!!! every woman and MAN look for these icons..... again... MEGAN who????

Last Date of 09 @ KLCC

Pictures Pictures!!!!
@ Apartment KLCC

"Hi Good Morning and thanks for watching the 12pm Lunch News"
*lansi handmade pouch :D*


*ahhhhhh sleepy!!!!*
L: Baked Fish
R: Fish and Chips

Food was nice!


Funny to see 8-9 juvie reserving the VIP room then walk out 10 mins after seeing the price of the menu...tsk tsk.....whata joke!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Venting out time.... crazy day at work today... gosh.. :(

got this crazy chinese day who talked a whole lot of crap to me... I wondered how legit his shyt was... kena for like almost an hour.... pure BS.....

but the start of the day was kinda nice... TanSri Dato' Ahmad Merican ajak me go makan with him after I teman him buy iPhone...haha.. Damn Maxis people do shyt work.... Don't even know how to sell. Guess only special people understand each other (practically I was like his PA...). O he didn't get me a grand meal at a posh restaurant, instead we makan at Jusco Food Court.... It was a short and simple lunch. We shared story as the last time we makan together was last year. Damn bangga la makan with Badawi's close friend/Founder of tv3,ntv7 and tv 9....

The best joke he shared with today was:

"My granddaughter who is like bout 5 years old asked me why people give me the name TanSri? Dato is ok la...but why TanSri? isn't that a Chinese mix Indian name? coz at school I got friends name Tan who is Chinese...and Sri who is you're a malay but you got Chinese mix Indian name too...."


2010 Public Holiday iCal Malaysia

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Download 2010's Public Holiday onto your iCal.... =D

without School Holidays:

with School Holidays:

Please do comment and let me know what you think :D

Great....people are finding for my iMac... =p


Only The Best... For the Best =D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daniel Room contains...
Aeron Chair
iMac 20 inch
WD 1TB External HDD for Backup
Bamboo Pen & Touch for art/mouse replacement

Bangga Gile.... =D

on Bloggerunited


First... I shall check your attention by showing you a picture...


If your attention is on the naked babe... then click here.
If your attention is on the her name...then Fuck, I know you're gonna fap to this
If your attention is on the chair.... click here


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


O lord... I watched it today. Fucking stupid movie! falls under G.I Joe... never seen a girl who can't live without a guy... Damn it... no wonder the pale dude left. o o... I watched because of the wolves... that's all. And the flow is like it's so ripped out from the book, the conversation and all... FUCK!!!! not to mention screaming in her dreams. Was a miracle that her dad put up with it. PHAIL!!!!

Cute!!!! and Medley doing MJ... Chelsie kasi intro

Monday, December 14, 2009


on youtube frenzy again =D

A Shaved Win!

Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal...

and the Hero is... the all time Liverpool killer.... Andrei Arshavin!




a brilliant goal yet again to make Liverpool defense and goalkeeper look foolish...

This... is AWESUM!!!!

Lady Gaga Cover...

5 Stars!!!

Have You Seen This Around? =D

Sunday, December 13, 2009






see anything in common in all the photos? =D


Herman Miller

O yea!... I gotten my Aeron Chair Posture Fit Size C today from XTRA Gardens Mid-Valley!!! slurps.... I'm all prepped up for 2010! with a STILL stunning 20 inch iMac.... now plus the Aeron Chair... I dare say that I have the BEST equipment for my college work and computer leisure time in my room.... weee!!!

here are some photos of it...




Friday, December 11, 2009

"I don't get why I have to be part of your fucking burden because OF YOUR LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY!"

"your managerial skill disgusts me"

Let's take off from what I've just said above from my Facebook status right after I got home from work today.

1st status:
I really don't give 2 shit about you coming late or waking up late or what so fucking ever excuse you wanna come up with... Just MAN UP and be responsible bitch... Me holding the key just because you're scared you might wake up late?.. Fuck you! Christian MY FAT CHINESE ASS!!! all righteous at work and think some colleagues are asses. Do include yourself the next time!

2nd status:
O hell yeah this is a BIG one... which MOFO don't work for money? how many fucking people working in retail don't wake up, go to work for THE MONEY? My manager can actually tell people to not work at the outlet if all he/she thinks is money! BS... then why are you so fucking worried about the store target every month? for you GAWD DAMN PAY RIGHT? And please stop telling me that I don't understand and that I'll only get it if I be the manager one day... YOU FUCKING BIAS BASTARD! go to hell moron! Just because you have the authority to push people around doesn't mean that you go around pushing... FUCK THAT! Work is Work, Friend is Friend, Ethics is Ethics... Don't fucking mix it up and be like our fucking government creating cronies with parasites with actually consumes you more than you gain from them!

Kampar II

Thursday, December 10, 2009

malas nak bertyping.... here are the very lil photos taken at Kampar...

Chocs and Latex by the same Importer/Distributor in Malaysia... =p


Sighting =p





Went BBQ with the most random people... Lucky Eric was there to safe my life
*Honestly..No fucking 1 was even edible...gosh*