Friendship Award 2009!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Take a look back at previous years winners!

Best New-comer friend:
Shane Chooi *1st dude to talk to me in Inti.... =p*

Joke-a-LOT friend:

Best MSN friend:
Sherlyn Tan *Isi Isi*

Best Blog Friend:
Cheah Shu Yi

M.I.A friend:

The not enough kain style of dressing friend:
Avanda Tan

Smartest friend:

Hottest Petite friend:
Wong Sook Ping

Most Blur Apple Friend:
Hong Keng Chien

Accident Friend:
Ridzwan *almost mati sama sama....damn*

Best work colleague:
CK *my impostor*

Most Emo friend:
Jesslyn Tan *at times*

Spent most for on Birthday friend:
Sarah Tan

Most reliable friend:
Tuan Tynn *History assignment!!*

Strong enough to forgive my asshole-ness friend:

Annoying friends:
The list is tooooo long!!!

Most DRAMA friend:
*Daniel.... my life is ovvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr*

Most active friend:
Megan Tan Yue Mei

Hottest East Malaysian friend:
Nana Soo

Best Random friend:
Natalie Lim Fei Theng!!!!

The Forgotten Friend:
CJ Tan

Cutest friend:
Carissa Gan

Techie Friend:
Chinese Paul

that's all for 2009 peeps....=D

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