Malaysians are Lalang *No brain, No backbone*

Saturday, February 27, 2010


tiup sini....tiup sana.....ikut hard...sangat malas.... nak guna OTAK saya. Inilah sifat SATU rakyat MALAYSIA. Easy....have you seen sports played in your neighborhood in a seasonal fashion? Badminton and soccer in particular? During Thomas Cup and World Cup... LOL. Politics would be the best.... the term lompat here and there like katak not nice... Lalang is least katak can think before they jump.... lalang follow bodoh! ~tiup sini~tiup sana~

This lalang attitude also applies to the Malaysian need for gaya... iPhone, Macs, Nissan Fairlady, Blackberry... ah beng, ah lian, akong, ama, ahcai,ahmui, mahcan, anei, thambi, tangachi....ALL try to own... some succeed though. You wanna lalang is bad enough... then don't know how to use. The brain capacity like tanah terbiar I tell you... full of....LALANG...the most hopeless plant. Mould your own identity people!!! don't ikut buta buta. But if still wanna lalang... lalang properly la!!!! Ini lalang bodoh bodoh.


o...this speak up came about because I had enough of it at home and Nuff just that to be one of them.

Feng Shui... is the stupidest belief in the world that anyone can ever use just to sooth themselves when things aren't right. Lazy. Not bothered to look at a solution, instead buy BOBS (books of bullshit) and overpriced ornaments to so called fix your life. You're feeding these FS master to be rich over something so superficial. Better spend that money on yourself and make use of it!

The inflation to the "greatness" of feng shui is rubbish...... Like Nuff's 3rd anniversary was described

"The reason why Nuff was launched in the middle of the night 3 years ago was because Co-Founder Ming consulted a Feng Shui Master who said that the best time to launch Nuff was between 2.00AM-4.00AM on the 27th February 2007"
clearly a CINA company I assume....

What if the fengshui master was wrong?
Are you gonna publicize that o o... Nuff a was a failure because the fengshui master told me the wrong things.... maybe he was drunk.... bla bla bla! BULLSHIT!

Question.... do you shift the position of your bed every year?
I had a friend who his dad made massive renovation to the house according to the feng shui master for luck and so whatsoever... about a year or two later... the dad died. How do you justify this? My mom is one of the bodoh people who buys this stuffs....Annoying as hell! It's not because I don't believe because I'ma Christian.. But I find it impossible to believe that a plastic chicken (example) located at the south east of your room facing the northwest is gonna help you gain wealth by anyways!.

I throw my empty red-packets...people say its a bad thing to do, bad luck la...this la...that la.... In 2009, I had one of the best years of my life. Yes I did get into an accident but so what? Good came out of it...I'm still ALIVE! and ya it was a good experience....LOL.

Choi Choi Choi.... suey la you talk all this... bad luck you know... O well, you conditioned your mind for rubbish.

Fucking Hell

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today.... I found 3 bodoh college student.

Daniel: hey... let's buy for lecturer Kama Sutra book... since she's getting married *Indian btw*
Girls: haha... ah ha... ya....

Daniel walked out...

Shane: Confirm those 3 innocent girls dunno what you just said... you ask again and see....
Daniel: eh..... you know what I said just now ar? Kama Sutra
Girl 1: what ar... Kamus ar?....
Girl 2: Kama as in K-A-R-M-A is it?...........
Girl 3: BLUR BETUL.....stone face ni

Shane: TOLD YOU!!!!! all innocent wan...and that small one Christian...
Daniel: LOL... haihz.... epic fail betul la... and Girl 1 has a BF..... wtf betul... Too cina d kut...


PTPTN loan..... fucking annoying...parents paranoid I abandon them when they're old... so don't wanna pay with their EPF.... nak jugak apply for this idiotic government loan..... cibai!....what fucking ever la.... I damn malas layaning annoying and needy people.... I just wanna be me...I wanna be a singular noun.... fuck the world.... go away!

Something to try... LOL

Monday, February 22, 2010

Some songs I gotten recently... and since it's kinda hard to find it... I shared it here! :D

Lady Gaga Cover - Sam Tsui
Hesitate - Steve Moakler
Give! - Shaun Baker & Maloy

Other song would be:

If We Ever Meet Again (feat. Katy Parry) - Timbaland
Get Involved (feat. Timbaland & Missy Eilliot) - Ginuwine
Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer

Joke of the Day:
Q: What happens at puberty?
A: errr body develop..... grow hair.....
*kids who haven't reach puberty are all bald...*

Blaaardy Hell..... Hot Betul!

Sunday, February 21, 2010




bodohnya.... damn freaking hot man these days... El-Nino.... dah la stay at home only tak pigi take noon nap sweat, main computer cepat panas, after mandi cold water also still sweat...

I blame the government on this.... bodoh.... yet again.... my arguement... the possibility of 100% 9 years car loan...and even blacklisted people might get a loan... WTF WTF... just because you wanna boost the local car industry you do this? BODOH... never thought of the earth, only the pocket!!! even our not so great neighbor Indonesia had a NO VEHICLES ON ROAD FOR A DAY in Jakarta (only once though). But I admired that action. I don't see Malaysia doing this... PM is scared he has to sit in the stands, ministers here are so busy trying to cover up some shit they have but none concerns about out environment here...It's getting worst!

The Star BODOH!!!!

Why is the committee bodoh? This is a shame.... especially for the No.1 guy in Star Datuk Clement Hii who use to run.....emmm SEGi College... Guess the stupidity does follow this dude



One in my Room :D



Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion
started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unravelling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!

"Since the dawn of man" is really not that long,
As every galaxy was formed in less time than it takes
to sing this song.
A fraction of a second and the elements were made.
The bipeds stood up straight,
The dinosaurs all met their fate,
They tried to leap but they were late
And they all died (they froze their asses off)
The oceans and pangea
See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya
Set in motion by the same big bang!

It all started with the big BANG!
It's expanding ever outward but one day
It will cause the stars to go the other way,
Collapsing ever inward, we won't be here, it wont be
Our best and brightest figure that it'll make an even
bigger bang!

Australopithecus would really have been sick of us
Debating out while here they're catching deer (we're
catching viruses)
Religion or astronomy, Encarta, Deuteronomy
It all started with the big bang!

Music and mythology, Einstein and astrology
It all started with the big bang!
It all started with the big BANG!

Hokkien Laughter Past 2 days... LOL

Too free.. not doing assignment... FUCK!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Photos photos... among the few... and some nice weird shots...




Around me!






that's all for now... will start blogging again soon la... malas la now!

Happy Chinese New Year..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

and all the best for the week after that :D


A Different kind of Zanmai!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The 3 Besties in BLACK....
ya someone died, or at least we hope he'll be... ASAP!

Lunched with ELAINE @ Sushi ZANMAI!!! heh heh.... finally gotten me lunch! Still envy-ing her Euro trip!.... BOOO!!!!!! Bump into my couz Jo there...Small Small world... o ya.. and my high school junior Grace too.


Macha...LOL.... and I ordered the right one just because it looks funky!!!

Soft Shell Crab!!!!

The spender of the day: Elaine!!!!

I look like old Japanese Apek! rofl

Em ya... just had sushi... harh... dinner ar... ok ok.. ON...but where to eat... bla bla bla...
*GREAT EATER but still got hawt body, wasted didn't take photo :(*

Elaine's baby needs fixing....Damn she's slow!.... LOL




Monday, February 08, 2010



Saturday, February 06, 2010





what a good timing for Celcom to start this contest...Same timing as our stormy weather nowadays... Lightning has been scary too...FREE MARKETING TOOL for Celcom!!! Heavy rain... lightning strike once only then people suddenly go "eh, you know what I wanna get a Blackberry Storm 2" P/s: I'm one of those people.... Ya, really need a new phone... I'm falling out of gaya here, my Motorola V9 and my Nokia 6233 is just making me look so outdated as a tech-geeky person. Always dreamt of a Blackberry...and the first Storm was kinda out... no WiFi??? I just need a new PHONE!!!!

And why Celcom over Maxis to hold the Storm... Cause Maxis just can't HANDLE IT!!! Not to trash talk bout Maxis here but I've been working close enough with Maxis people to know how shitty the service is.*FACTS FACTS FACTS* especially the one is Sunway Pyramid...gosh workers can even mock customers with sarcasm and even look down on them. Never once I heard complaints like these from Celcom users. Plus though I'm a DiGi + Hotlink User... I think it'll be cool to complete an all 3 telco lines in my pocket. What do we always hear bout Celcom?...For me, I hear that they have the best coverage plus the cheapest calls... I'm yet to switch though, may the BlackBerry be the connector between me and Celcom... and...
even STORM from X-Men agrees with me!-


1st at Pasta Zanmai

Friday, February 05, 2010

haha....wait a minute.... you said you're not gonna eat.... hmmm... anywayz... ya... Pasta ZanMai...first time.... :D My colleague keeps going there as her sister works there... o well... the food was good.... :D and here are some gambar

The blardy overpriced carrot juice... I wonder... why do I like carrot juice anyways...hmmm

my shot
her shot.... boo!!!!

the human - Jane
damn I look so much fatter since the last time we went out makan... =( and she's still the same crazy blur girl... LOL

O ya...this is the makan coz I helped her win the tix to London by Air Asia.... 1 year late!!! now waiting on Elaine.... weeeee

ahhhh... Finally!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Get Out of There, She's Gonna BLOW!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What the hell is ALL THIS!!?!??!?!?!?!?

1)Anwar Sodomy case
2) Lim Guan Eng out of favour?
3) Racial remarks...

my thoughts on these recent news.

Anwar's case.... O lord... found semen in the dude's ass? I thought last year there was a hospital that said Saiful had no injuries or whatsoever... why suddenly got semen in his ass? I think Saiful should be charged as well if they wanna bring the game onto Anwar, anal sex is forbidden in Islam... Why charge the do-er and not the do-ee as well? Are you trying to say that Anwar jammed his 60 year old dick into a young adult and he just doesn't do anything about it? CONSENT!!! CONSENT!!!! Anwar is old.... sure a young adult like Saiful can push him away if he doesn't want it. The fact that he succumbed to it and then make a hoo-ha in court is just fucking bodoh!. On the other hand, we as most citizen really don't know whether that Anwar really has that kind of fetish or not. But so what if he did? The case is such a plot against him... If Saiful didn't wanna be fucked in the ass, he could've left.

This is the BS part in the trial

"Walaupun dia 'takut dan tidak mahu", Mohd Saiful berkata, dia mengikut juga arahan Anwar dan membersihkan diri dalam bilik air serta keluar dengan memakai tuala dan masuk ke dalam bilik tidur."

No.2 the Penang crap that is going on....This really shows that the Opposition cannot run the country... Remember.. they won in 2008 in the Political Tsunami was not about their capability but about the rakyat's anger towards BN. Opposition aren't really doing a good job, internal fights...bla bla bla... they only know how to mock BN... I don't see any real work done... bla bla bla... One leader is nyanyuk in the Kampung, one leader is always charged by the law... GOSH!!!

No.3 Let's Play a Political Game...
This dude who was reported... who said racial stuffs like taking away Indian's citizenship, calling them beggars and Chinese coming here to jual badan(SELL BODY) is absurd... but come to think of it, how many RATIONAL Malays are sane enough to actually come out honestly and make a statement like that, destroying your career in a blink of an eye. This is clearly a political game, he's the pawn.... and the main HANTU is actually sending out a message to the Indians and Chinese. We all know that this isn't the first time that a racial statement like this is said...

I Downloaded This Song Because....

Monday, February 01, 2010


It's nice!!!!!! hehe.... whatcha thinking? =p
found it on my Genius Sidebar on iTunes

Mother..... :D


The Idol and the Reason :D

Who inspired me to do something like this?
Ivan Kang

How I got the material?
from me girlfriend.... during LUNCH!