Saturday, February 27, 2010

o...this speak up came about because I had enough of it at home and Nuff just that to be one of them.

Feng Shui... is the stupidest belief in the world that anyone can ever use just to sooth themselves when things aren't right. Lazy. Not bothered to look at a solution, instead buy BOBS (books of bullshit) and overpriced ornaments to so called fix your life. You're feeding these FS master to be rich over something so superficial. Better spend that money on yourself and make use of it!

The inflation to the "greatness" of feng shui is rubbish...... Like Nuff's 3rd anniversary was described

"The reason why Nuff was launched in the middle of the night 3 years ago was because Co-Founder Ming consulted a Feng Shui Master who said that the best time to launch Nuff was between 2.00AM-4.00AM on the 27th February 2007"
clearly a CINA company I assume....

What if the fengshui master was wrong?
Are you gonna publicize that o o... Nuff a was a failure because the fengshui master told me the wrong things.... maybe he was drunk.... bla bla bla! BULLSHIT!

Question.... do you shift the position of your bed every year?
I had a friend who his dad made massive renovation to the house according to the feng shui master for luck and so whatsoever... about a year or two later... the dad died. How do you justify this? My mom is one of the bodoh people who buys this stuffs....Annoying as hell! It's not because I don't believe because I'ma Christian.. But I find it impossible to believe that a plastic chicken (example) located at the south east of your room facing the northwest is gonna help you gain wealth by anyways!.

I throw my empty red-packets...people say its a bad thing to do, bad luck la...this la...that la.... In 2009, I had one of the best years of my life. Yes I did get into an accident but so what? Good came out of it...I'm still ALIVE! and ya it was a good experience....LOL.

Choi Choi Choi.... suey la you talk all this... bad luck you know... O well, you conditioned your mind for rubbish.

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@BELLA@ said...

I think what's really important is the do's and don'ts of our religion. others, is best to think with logic. although there are many forces collaborating in this earth but as human, let's not get conned and try to find the best possible outcome by using the most powerful tool of all - our brains!