Friendship Award 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

haha... the most awaited post that I wanna do each year! Let's Go
Let's see who comes to mind first...

Best yumcha Kawan
Altos Boon

Best colleague at Machines Empire - during return

The I say I do friend
Isaac - He really outdone himself... RESPECT

The most unexpected friend
Dato' Azhar Muhammad

Best New Colleague
Amy - psst pssttttt... have you heard about.....

The "still steals my heart" friend
Carol Tan

The short term but fun friend
William Siah - We sang at work... Hits like Hangover, Friday and Boyfriend... LOL

The singing buddy
Weelyn... yet to meet :(

Skyping Buddy
TTT - she wants it like this
Look Sayur

The one who labels me a socialite and a playboy =.=
Lilynn - haih..... -.-

Best Klang friend
Shannon Keng - "come work with me laaaaa" she said

Twitter buddy
Jo Lin

Lecturer to Friend
Eric Lee
Kevin Lawrence

Final Sem Buddy
Nathan Low
Tan Thian Hoe

The one who always thinks I'm a total ass friend
Guat Ai

The never forgotten High School friend
Mr. Sim - my Physics teacher who now chats with me on Facebook =.=

The always in Music friend

Funny how she owns a piece of me after all this time

It's d smile :)

~after all this time

BN is here to stay *Logic Thinking*

Monday, December 17, 2012

Finally I gotten the time to give my piece of mind to fellow readers about THE REALITY of Malaysia in this upcoming election.

Bottom line.... if a person is getting business from the ruling government, he/she WILL vote that party although they may not believe in that party's M.O.

Simple.... If I'm a millionaire thanks to projects from the government.... would any RIGHT state of mind...change the government? If the opposition win and claims to go by the books... it's a matter of time some other dude that will get the government's business.... and he/she becomes rich instead of me?.... Do you want that to happen? FUCK NO!...

Of course there are sayings about "Let's fight for change!!!", this government is corrupted! they cheat our money! it's for our future generation. FUCK THAT SHIT! would you live to know your great-grand-children? Even if you do... I bet you wanna have a nice and smooth life rather than suffering like a zombie right?

Therefore, it's clear people who are in the circle are still gonna vote the ruling government.... It just makes sense to my OWN COMFORTABLE living. "Oh Daniel, don't you care bout your great grand kids?" FUCK that, i wouldn't even know them... and their well being is primarily my grandchildren's concern. My responsibility extends to my parents, siblings and kids. MAKE SENSE?

It's either I'm rich or that dude is rich..... your choice. ME... of course I rich la... why the fuck I allow other people to be rich right? =.=

As for the middle income people... It makes sense to vote the opposition because you may want the them to check the ruling government thoroughly, making sure they don't cheat so much of your money. It's all about check & balance. The ruling government cannot sit to comfortably on its throne, somebody has to rock the boat some time to remind them to do their job and do it right.

So Najib... I don't think you're gonna lose it all but I think your share of the cake maaay get smaller.

Depending on the reader who are... I think you already know who you're gonna vote. Even Najib should know this, if not... he should not even be the PM.

Business wise..... BN should stay on. I think no matter what they're still gonna be on top... just that their slice of the cake should be bout 50:50

I'm not for BN neither I'm for the Opposition. My post is all about logic of what a citizen would do given his/her status in the society

Life Update

Saturday, December 15, 2012

So yeah... iPhone is already out here in Malaysia... I gotten mine over  the Apple Online Store...JUST THE PHONE. Getting it on the 18th of December. No fucking thanks to DiGi being a whore, charging RM400 flat rate for termination as compared to last year. Could've have gotten my phone today. FUCK you DiGi. If only I could beat you up till you turn blue like Celcom. Seriously, customer loyalty mean fucking nothing to you. You could easily tie me down continuously on a yearly basis... but heck, God knows what goin through that brain of yours.

Work life is fine... nothing to shout about. But every day I learn that religion is for a bunch of fuckers who wants status in some shyt. Don't get me wrong... there are some who are really finding God via religion, but one does not need a religion to feel God's love.... one needs faith! and believe in Him. At work I see people doing religion related staffs to score points to be promoted. I see people from the same religion but very quick to turn the other side when one needs help. Fuck religion! all you need is God!

Almost the End

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ho ho ho... ages again I left this space untouched..... Actually... only 3 weeks.

Anyhow let's get straight to the point and not waste time.

iPhone5 Malaysia launch has been delayed too long till I don't have the steam to get it anymore. :(

1 Month 2weeks into my new job... so far so good... I feel that there are some unproductive days and I hate it that way.

Finally fall a lil sick again.... FUCKING HELL...Doctor so mahal d! RM75 just for some meds.

No action.... but been getting photos... at some point... I'm like what is the world coming to?

Other than that, my life's kinda boring....meh

Can be said one of the Best Birthdays =P

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Haha... I emailed Tim Cook wishing him Happy Birthday since he shares the same birthday as me.... He/his PR replied..... woots woots... damn fucking happy... ROFL. ex crush or still crush sent a happy birthday message. It was pleasant =P I miss her.

Birthday Dinner + reunion..... lol... damn it Mus balik so fast... LOL.... we had good laughs

That's bout it. It was quiet but awesome =D

iPhone 5 Malaysia... 19 October?

Friday, October 05, 2012

As of this hour... hasn't posted anything bout it but iHelpBoard has mentioned 19 October to be the day that iPhone 5 in Malaysia.... Below is the "source"/sauce.

read more here!

As compared to Malay Mail's "reports" of October'll be a chaotic day to launch it on that day... not to mention the religious public holiday on that day.

1) TOOOOOOO many too free people will swarm the place.
2) it can be "claimed"to be a distraction for the holy day..... bla bla bla...

So yeah.... October 19..... sounds sexy..... Are you ready fellow LALANG Malaysians?

SDN 48 Undergirls!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I don't know WTF is this but...... FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP
Boobies and dance... hmmm

too fucking bad that there's no 1080p version of this video anywhere on the internet... :(

SDN48 Undergirls Team G Yaritagariya san

Will I be satisFIVED?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

So.... iPhone 5... What's more exciting bout it in my network of peers, friends and family? That whether I am getting one or not?.... Answer is......NO MONEY LA..... I POOR..... ™! haha

I let videos do the talking..... and you figure it out..... haha

I love this feature!!!! =D

Gotta love the toughness..... LOL

Public Holidays Malaysia 2015 and beyond!!!

Click here to subscribe it on your Calendar app for your Mac devices dear Mac Users!

Addicted on Panorama iOS6

Thursday, September 20, 2012

*shot of my workplace*

Panorama.... Apple made it simple for idiots.... Seriously loving this feature that I'm Panoramaing everything..... haha LOVE LOVE LOVE

Panorama works on iPod Touch 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S

Erica Law!!!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

That ass!!!
That smile!!!
just melt looking at her...and jizz too!!!

I wanttt!!!!!!!!

Music Video

Behind the scenes

LIKE her(Facebook) HERE

Follow her at Instagram(ericalaw22) HERE

more of ERICA LAW(Tumblr)

iPhone 5 Roundup

Friday, August 24, 2012

Photos which I....I mean I....think is relevant to the iPhone5 build up... haha.

Looks cute though... but getting spares is gonna be extra cost.... FUCKER 

 The new 4" longer panel and the ever small nano-SIM. Damn it...need to change SIM again?

 how the new 8-PIN connector gonna look like.
Left: the "iPhone 5" fucking ugly speaker holes!!!!! DISAGREE!!!!!! Apple don't make ugly holes! :(

 I'm starting to love/hate this design...
was referring more to that two-tone back.
The black part is to allow signals to pass through I think.... but they could always color it the same as the Aluminium. meh. We'll see how it goes.


Monday, August 20, 2012

For days....weeks....MONTHS!!!! I've been going out to malls but get shyt bored because I have all that I far.... until TODAY!!!!! when I was at Gardens today... I saw this chair..... FANTASTIC.... instant want

But actually... I want this as well... LOL... I sat on something similar....simple and made out of wood. Damn your back automatically goes straight... It's more comfy that your think! SERIOUS. And finally I found it.... but FUCK this is a perfected high-end model.... haih....but don't CARE... still WANT!!!

iPhone 5

Sunday, August 19, 2012

bla bla bla bla bla iPhone 5
well I guess you people has seen enough leaks, prototype and rumor photos. Therefore I ain't posting any here. Go look at engadget, macrumors or even gizmodo.

Anyhows... I think that's not really the phone, at least the steel band which I'm not happy with. DAMN THOSE speaker/mic holes! too big, too ugly for an Apple product!!!! But the smaller dock is legit since the previous move from Magsafe to the Magsafe 2 on the Macbook Airs.


Apple has to start digging into your pockets a little more deeper now.
Simple logic.

Over the past....say.... 5 years.... you have bought many iPods/iPhones/spare chargers. Therefore you have so many extra that you don't even need another one. So Apple is GONNA MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS! Precedent event would be the Magsafe 2 adapter for the Magsafe chargers which costs USD 10.....yea its fucking cheap in the States but it blardy costs RM 38 in Malaysia (Don't talk to me about conversions! Dollar to Dollar comparison).

So... If I were to get the iPhone 5... I would need to stock up on new cables since I was previously so comfortable with what I have now :(

I have:
1x permanently attached to my iMac
1x for my iPhone charger
1x for my iPad charger
1x intermittent faulty-ness
1x my sister is using.


It would not be a surprise if Apple decided not to bump the camera to 12MP (but that would be fucking retarded!). Fucking S3 is also 8MP following its older S2 model..... haih. Personally don't see the need for a Quad Core Processor but if Apple insist to push it as an epic gaming device then yea. 

Me, I only worry bout the battery life and the camera because... you'll never know when you need it to snap an awesome photo =D

New Apples so far this 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I started this year telling myself no more!.... especially with the recent iPhone 4s purchase.

What I've bought so far... Let's look through...

The new iPad 16GB WiFi (bought around April 2012 I think)
I kinda lost a lot selling my iPad 2 32GB WiFi. But life goes on.
Reviews on this device?
just a nice screen. couldn't give 2 shit about the camera. iOS 6 will bring Siri and Clock minus YouTube. I'm using the beta at the moment. Works great!!! 

Next was ANOTHER JUMP of my Macbook Air (June 2012), making this my 3rd Macbook Air in the span of 30 months... whooops! Again, I lost some selling... meh!
Reviews on this device?
Packs a SATA 3/ 6Gbps SSD, for the 3rd time mine is Toshiba. FUCK YOU APPLE! I think they still  ship with the Samsung SSD which are faster.bitch. USB 3! finally! helps though. But the main difference is the SSD which I mentioned earlier, works epicly. no complains at all.

 new box appears to be heavier.. weird

Recent itchy purchases were the Apple TV 3 and the Airport Express. No money but still wanna spend like cock!.... haih :(
Reviews on these devices?

Apple TV
finally relevant in Malaysia. I think it works BEST when u hook it up to your router than letting it run wirelessly. Fucks up Airplay especially if your router if crowded with other clients connected to it. Using the iPhone as a remote makes way more sense as it can bring up the on screen keyboard.

Airport Express 2nd Gen
now I realise what a fucking idiot I am for not bridging my Extreme 2 years ago. And I'm doing it now...with an Express. GENIUS!!!!!!. Well, its a much more refined product compared to the 1st gen. Better specs overall which you can read more at Apple's website. Cute, light and packs a better performance especially for Malaysia UniFi users. But if you have the budget, get the Extreme. NO REGRETS I TELL YOU =) SEMI-D and BUNGALOW, Extreme is for you while Express can help you extend it. That's pretty much it

Damn  I miss blogging... haha


Dear blog,

Been months I've left you alone.have I grown out of this?.quit my a FUBU!.turned macbook air!.and Apple tv. and Airport Express. Money grows slowly. my arm has a dark skin tone from driving!. Fun to see that the blog has traffic although I left it alone. Posting bout Apple really paid off. haha.sleep pattern is fucked.

That's all my brain has for now.... meh!


Friday, June 01, 2012

Dear blog,

Oh how I've abandoned you over cheap thrill attention of online girls... and studies.

I'm done with studies.... like FINALLY!!!!!

Gotten a job bout 2 weeks later.... at Neuvave Interactive. Sales Exec cum Project Manager.

Quit the job at Machines....4years 4 months I've been with them. Am I sad? nah... gotta move on with life. The passion for Apple will always be there.

I'm guessing even the blogging age has come to an end. I love vlogging but its just so leceh =P I shall pick it up again soon =D

That's it for now...

iCal Malaysian Public Holiday Calendar 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Subscribe to this in your iCal... and be happy folks =D

Apple Calendar 2012

My Prediction!!! =D