Friendship Award 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

haha... the most awaited post that I wanna do each year! Let's Go
Let's see who comes to mind first...

Best yumcha Kawan
Altos Boon

Best colleague at Machines Empire - during return

The I say I do friend
Isaac - He really outdone himself... RESPECT

The most unexpected friend
Dato' Azhar Muhammad

Best New Colleague
Amy - psst pssttttt... have you heard about.....

The "still steals my heart" friend
Carol Tan

The short term but fun friend
William Siah - We sang at work... Hits like Hangover, Friday and Boyfriend... LOL

The singing buddy
Weelyn... yet to meet :(

Skyping Buddy
TTT - she wants it like this
Look Sayur

The one who labels me a socialite and a playboy =.=
Lilynn - haih..... -.-

Best Klang friend
Shannon Keng - "come work with me laaaaa" she said

Twitter buddy
Jo Lin

Lecturer to Friend
Eric Lee
Kevin Lawrence

Final Sem Buddy
Nathan Low
Tan Thian Hoe

The one who always thinks I'm a total ass friend
Guat Ai

The never forgotten High School friend
Mr. Sim - my Physics teacher who now chats with me on Facebook =.=

The always in Music friend

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