Holy Mother Crap I've not Blogged yet this 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Alright...status report

I have the case of gout..... damn malu... :(

My work has been increasingly boring.... and meaningless. Just confirmed...with a RM 100 increment.. making the basic RM 2400 GROSS

was offered to work with a start up company though..... what's holding me back is the RM 2000 gross pay....

But let's compare with my current job

RM 2400                                               RM 2000
5 1/2 Day week                                     5 Day week
49Hours                                                 40 Hours
Sales Target of 60k Monthly                       -
RM469 Petrol+Makan+Toll                   RM 326.4 Petrol + Makan
RM 300 Petrol Claims Average                   -
RM 150 Commission                                   -

Oh FML :(
I don't know what to do....

Anyways... 2013... has been alright..... Hope to blog more.....

Btw, now I know why I'm feeling so demotivated.... I have not typed out my wishlist for this year..... All I think nowadays is save save save money..... :( so tension.