Finally Safari is FULL OF RUBBISH =D Safari 5.0.1

Wednesday, July 28, 2010




Facebook photo Zoom - among the Extensions..... lol....



*craft II


soon soon update


Monday, July 26, 2010

Q: Is iPad useful ar?
A: Ya, to knock your stupid head!

Q: eh boy, I just bought my iPhone....can teach me how to use...I dunno anything?
A: oh sure......*you silly OLD BASTARD*

Q: When iPhone 4G coming out?
A: no such thing sir... iPhone4 got...

Q: I buy from you I get discount ar?
A: No

Q: Why so expensive ar?
A: Cause my boss Chinese

Q: Why the Apple logo kena bite ar? I know, rotten d... HAHAHA
A: yes yes....and yet you bought one

Q: walks into Apple Shop..... Where is the Toilet?
A: the Concierge is RIGHT OUTSIDE!

Q: Why Mac so expensive ar?
A: No sir, you're just poor.

Q: Can I install Windows on this? I buy this just to use Windows

Q: calls at 12:30 Mac got games ar?

Q: calls from India... eh my Mac got problem.....
A: WOW!!!! mana la I tau!!! call the cust. care is in INDIA!

Q: calls from Vietnam... eh Daniel, remember me? your friend from SEGi, bought a Macbook White from you last my Mac got problem,where to service ar?.....
A: who the HELL IS THIS? after 30seconds into conversation.....o ya... that big boobs chick

Ages Since Update...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Semester ended.....

World Religion and Philosophy.....

I feel a little smarter =D
I feel that Mr. E is the only lecturer who puts in the MOST effort in what he does....videos and the lectures... he keeps it open... though I sleep in almost 75% of the class....the classes are the classes I never regret taking =D

Spending has been somewhat curbed......bought the Airport Extreme....
Semester was fun but all the nice people were away....and I had to pick up the slack on some stuffs.... so lazy =p

So many kawan converted to Mac....

Ms Putri

And my manager said my style of selling was lacking something. LOL.... I ain't doing sales...I convert people and make sure they use the Mac.

Work pretty shitty right now especially after Valarie and Tracy left. That new dude MUCH problems! Lucky I got some kawan who can still ada gang with.

Social life......only active on Facebook. It's funny that I hang with almost every group in Northwood, but never seem to fit in.... There's the:

Ezen's gang
Thor's gang
Sherlyn's gang
LeaYee's gang

ada la cakap with all...tapi tak la di-absorb into d group.

Music preference....damn the life at machines is making me listen/WATCH Korean music.... PLUS FARINA!!!(i miss you!!!) lol. BAD FOR HEALTH!!! lolz....
but not to forget Paramore, B.o.B, Enrique and many more.

More soon to come...I really tak da mood to blog :(

Apple + Herman Miller = LOVE

Monday, July 19, 2010


Racism whaaaat?

Friday, July 16, 2010

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Hmm.... Do you remember the school.....essay writing.....describing, being specific was key to a good essay?

See sentences below...

Damn Ugly wei....(what is ugly?)

That fella is ugly... (Which fella?)

That Chinese dude is ugly... (OooO.... I see....)

As you can see....describing a person gives a better perception towards the receiver and he or she can make out what you're trying to say. It's all down to motive while saying it...

Fuck you people who calls me a racist... I was just being funny by describing the person... And the worst thing... You guys are LAUGHING ABOUT what I'm saying!!!! How are you different from me if you were to call me a Racist?

LOL....Skin is just color....we are the God's creation... =D


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Apple Store efficient this time around.... I think it's cause it is not from the Ang Mo Kio Warehouse

My major buy =D



Set up was easy..... but there were issues on the web browsing speed... do message me if you need guidance!

This Happened ONE YEAR AGO

Sunday, July 04, 2010

A year after the 3GS....Psykotha still manages a glimpse of NEW tech... LOL

the 3GS glimpse


the iPhone4 glimpse...


stupid ass Malaysia...FUCK you for not being a PRO-U.S country...if not we've could've gotten it by sooner!!!

Right Time to watch World Cup 2010

LOL...I wonder why my friends are so hyped and stupid to watch World Cup...then complaint about the shitty marks due to submitting shitty work..... FUCKTARDS!!!

Now is the TIME!!!

HORLAN kills Brasil

GERMS-MANY kills Argentina

and I'm off to watch the Spain match soon =D... since semester is over and exams is the only hurdle

la la la

Messi is NO Wizard!!! lol

Klose - since 1998.... I remember him scoring during Germany's win over Saudi 8-0

Ronaldinho....- Brazil needed his presence....