Sunday, March 28, 2010

Athelete - Wild Wolves

The XX - Crystalised

Paramore - All I Wanted

Layaning these now.... along with Taio Cruz and Sam Tsui =D

Well... It says Malaysia.... LOL

Don't click unless you're DAMN CURIOUS or HORNY

I like this! Parallel Desktop 5!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I think THIS ONE LA!!!! LOL

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Monday, March 22, 2010

Gah.... iMac, wallet, jeans, Chair, Blackberry, sunglasses...

damn... now I'm lost, incapacitated.......not targeting the next big picture makes me feel itchy and lost.... like...hmmm...hum....emmm...ehhhh.....I was THIS.... the one thing that I wanted but killed it....ahhhh emo emo emo.....celaka la!!! I want I want.... but ...haihz... damn emo.....

Not having a dream sucks....feels like I'm losing my way.....!!!

should really cut down on food and L4D.... damn it knowing Qisti, Benjamin, Patrick too well.... it sucks!!! LOL.....


I thought gyrotourbillon was awesome

till I found


Hour hand ticks, Second hand WHINES!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tik doesn't feel right....

Suddenly...bodily function gets a kick in the bum. Heart's not beating in rhythm. Fragile.
Sad at my grades.
Sad bout what happened
Pissed at the MOFO that doesn't keep his words. ULTIMATE BASTARD.

I lost my zen that I felt that I achieved days ago or was it last week. And damn ethics Mid-term...gosh. In my head all I think is the lost of zen. zen zen zen zen zen. Was it cause I let it out on the zombies? or was it actually in sleep? or was it that one person?

Anyhow....the stupid concern at the back of my head is money money money. I have enough but always call myself poor... LOL.
I wonder where to invest it though it's just a small sum.
*loving my blackberry though!*
kinda emo not managing the nerve to help my friend. =(

I always forget the greatest things in my life.

I strive too much too fast.
I'm too selfish.
and my conscious was great.

Wishlist is kinda quiet this year.
too cautious to spend.

sensitive side is not showing but I feel like I'm sliding back to it at times

~lost then found (Leona Lewis)

Kebodohan Malaysia Escalates!

Saturday, March 20, 2010 of the sensitive.... sikit sikit mau orang sorry sorry...sikit sikit...mintak apology....sikit sikit cakap sorry....

Say sorry you Cina babi do speculative reporting
Please apologize for offending the Catholics
We're sorry we offend you Catholics
Sorry I call mock the Chinese and Indians (and resign with a lot of money and TAK KENA ISA) FUCK you non-bumi(s)

gosh you people are retards!!!
just STFU and live with it....and here you are wanting the NEW GENERATION to shape the country but mis-shaping them. Soon even jokes will be a taboo in Malaysia....

Here's the new Malaysia Theme Song!!! LOL


Friday, March 19, 2010


Vote me HERE!!!!

Youtube flooding!

Monday, March 15, 2010

From Sunday.... Friend's birthday outing.

LOL!!!! best

Hmmm..... :D


Madam Kwan!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

, Vanitha, Ms. Maz and I took him out for expensive nasi lemak.... LOL. Somewhere away from college and towards the city. Here are some photos!!!

*with his Ice Campur

* together-gether!!!

He enjoyed our company as we shared our stories... Madam Kwan Bangsar was nice and quiet...Food was nice but pricey :(

*He was busy listening about what food is there on the table...

*you know Daniel, when you're married, you're basically screwed...

But he did gave lectures for my ethics class. His point of view were awesome!!! O well, economics+ethics...what can you ask? TAXES! and of course labor and all.. :D. I don't know about the other lectures in Econs class or etc... but it did felt that he was a little out of place when he lectured (but he answers economic answers very very well)

It can be compared with the Malaysia's GST which is coming up soon where items will be taxed as you purchase it. The argument is pretty much the same of what he did lectured. PAYING TAX for something YOU'RE NOT GETTING..or it doesn't help the government to help you in anyways. Malaysia's GST is soon gonna hurt the poor people (as though they are not suffering enough)...where non-taxable people are not paying tax, when they PURCHASE products!. The GST bill has been postponed at the moment though.....but we'll see how it goes.

Back to topic... lol.... the energy of his lectures...were good (as he is the first foreign lecturer I got at Inti).

Do visit this. Well I'm trying...Need you guys to support!!!!! esp NU students!

Life so Far *Lite*

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gotten my Blackberry finally... another gadget conquered! (Fuck iPhone!!!! weee!!!!)




get your BB plan HERE!!!! cheapest in Malaysia!

Gossip Girl and Big Bang Theory is on air again.... GG took 3 months break while BBT to 2 weeks...


Raj is still on Leopard... LOL

screw college work...haihz..but I'm happy still :D


Friday, March 12, 2010



I saw it I saw it!!!!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


kinda odd though... Leonard's and Sheldon's table are at the front... why is the iMac sitting way behind there? LOL

Another kind of Heroes

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Since Heroes ended... Survivor 20 started.... Heroes vs. Villains!!!! what a title.... totally replace Heroes... LOL.... but the Heroes tribe is playing like shyt!!!


oo oo... Parvati Shallow!!!! =D

Rob Mariano is awesome though... his IQ is like the best I can say. Wins every immunity game which needs brains.

btw, list of winners for d past seasons here!!!


Amitabh Bachan rocks... keke
Best Best... pass... Me like!!!!


Jacqueline Fernandez!!!!!!

Put aside English movies.... Take time watching this.... besides...there's always a hot girl in the movie..... cantik!!!!!!

Soundtrack here!!!
for those who watched it

Midterm Madness

Tuesday, March 02, 2010



Monday, March 01, 2010


Death.... how long can you run from it? How close was it to you? Did it missed you? It was a close call for me last year.... obviously that I'm alive now, I'm taking things for granted again. LOL...

Is death the beginning? or the end? Does death tear someone down? Does it bring life to something so dead? Today, I was stunned, stoned, speechless, petrified.... consoling a friend was hard....very hard, seeing what he was going through made me think lots... :( My friend is a strong person. It was a mini reunion too for the lil old gang.... minus 2 because MIA already; but it was simple...we comforted him....hope he's fine. Where does life stack up? many tried killing themselves over issues that can be solved but they just don't see the solution....while some actually pray that death doesn't come upon them ASAP.

it's been a bleak Tiger year so far....many many has left. But don't be too sad...they are back in God's arms. God loves each and every one of us....don't be too sad over the ones you lost, they're in a better place.~Easier said than done~