Msian Police thought it was a Water Gun that they were holding!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Story HERE!!!

Police oh police.....mana value of life principle? *cheh cheh, just because just finish ethics exam :D*

suka suka tembak orang just because they want to lari from roadblock....
15 yrs old pulak tu.....
and the so called parang in the car makes him a suspected gangster or some shyt?

dah la orang sendiri pulak tu...Malay kan.....haihz.....

How is it NOT gonna be a cover up as claimed by the police? or the ministers?
cakap cakap cakap ni.....itu Teoh Beng Hock also transparent apa, nonsense betul....

I just really do not agree on the polices' reasoning and the action of shooting a person who is running away from roadblocks...there are so many other ways.... wtf is the LANCER Evo for? GO CHASE LA!!!! bodoh... main *Peng Peng* shoot people....

Pity the mom..... I think no amount can ever buy her silence on this matter....*well hopefully not!!* I would ask money for life man....make sure all paid for.....celaka!!! Police bodoh....

O well it's Malaysia...apparently overpopulated must shoot down some people....Ethics tak ada langsung..... Dah la uniform warna blue!

Why Do we (still) need BN?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

They are....the rulers of the countries for like....50+ years?

Somehow they just manage to win the heart of the people...

With the recent Hulu Selangor win, we are reminded that they are the more experienced people to take care of the right and they CONTROL the funds to help the rakyat..... If you look at PKR...haihz....they do have the capabilities but not enough experience and they do not control the funds.

Najib's campaign words showed the rakyat that bribery IS AN ACCEPTED thing to do if you wanna win.

"If we (BN) win tomorrow, I will give RM 3 million to the Chinese school here"

chinese being chinese.... wah.....valuenya....just cross cross get 3 million d! OK LA...set....

But I really I grew up in this country....there weren't many small by-elections until the past 3-4 years....And each by-election costs about RM 6-10 milion!!!! damn I'm speechless after I typed that.....

Do we actually vote for the party or the person running at the area? there are more party flags rather than candidates poster every time the election goes. It's really dumbnuts to run the election again for that area just because the dude died. Can't the deputy or someone take over? So damn stupid! got 1 election.... next year GE another! campaign campaign until mulut berbuih and money run dry. Then suck again from rakyat....hope the GST doesn't balance up so fast.

and speaking of you notice that the non taxable rakyat will be taxable indirectly.
Simple're not earning don't pay income tax. If GST is launched....the tax is embedded into the products/service... so you poor bastard go and buy tuna to makan...there's GST there!!! therefore you poor bastard kena tax. Sini don't pay tax...other side kena pay. =.=

The next election is soon....and I think most of my peers and I are going to vote :D there's nothing much we can do to change the country... after LKS, Anwar and Karpal Singh.....who is gonna fight for the balance of Malaysia? They may not rule.... but its all about the checks & balance...

We need BN's experience....but we need to keep them in their seats. The next GE has to be another Tsunami so BN don't get all cocky....look at what they're doing now....PM and DPM going to Hulu Selangor to's good...



Monday, April 19, 2010

took me 10 seconds to figure it out on how she meant it...LOL...

Machines @ Zouk

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010.... so fast...
It's been a year since the last Annual Dinner... photos here!!!

Here are some from This year....ZOUK!!!!!!





ME!!! vain...



My 2 bosses....Handsome kan... LOL

L:2009 R: 2010
see the difference.... damn.... =(

honestly... I ain't drunk...wasn't even drinking that much.....fucking LACK OF SLEEP!!!! Had 3 test on that day before going for this event....cibai kan... :(.... I look like crap :(

troublesome asshole!

~on the way back~







Tuesday, April 13, 2010

retail price
education price

If they can slash the 13" MBP from RM 4499 to RM 3899 this year.... They can do that to you again next year!!! =D

Hope I can resist this temptation.....wait till my mac pecah dulu la.... saaaaaayang my iMac!!!!!

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C&C4!!! My Life is Twilight!

Monday, April 12, 2010


see how deprived I am from sleep???? RED EYES

How So?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


How is it when we acknowledge a person race and call them by it is considered racism?

Hey Cina....Oi India.......Melayu, come here....
Here in M'sia....People are offended if you do that....and people say there's no respect...
How is it offending when someone acknowledges you by your race? Are you not proud of being your own race? that you are condemn to be born with either small eyes or dark skin or bumiputra status?

Eg.: If we were to say.... india, india come here.... its about saying anei, anei come here?

both situation here are still acknowledging that that dude is Indian....(well of coz nicer ppl address boss boss....LOL)

based on the definition on top, I don't see where was I being a racist?

I wonder how Malaysians ever come to this kind of state... it is SOOOOOO fucking sad!!!!

and this 1 Malaysian thing.... how's it ever gonna work Dear Najib.... ur assistant condemn us as pendatang asing la.....beggar la....jual badan la..... RESIGN...yes I know la... but why tak kena ISA? but when indian make hoo haaa abit at KL so many kena ISA???? Dude....your actions are rubbish!

ISA detains people who tries to threaten national security.... Why is that your assistant off the hook?... WE....THE CHINESE AND INDIANS OF THIS GENERATION ARE MALAYSIANS!!! WE ARE BORN HERE, WE ARE RAISED HERE, WE GREW UP SINGING NEGARAKU HERE, WE DO THE NATIONAL PLEDGE are we considered a pendatang? we are citizens here!!!

and about Muhyiddin's POV of saying he's a Malay first....I don't see anything wrong with that! It is true we cover our own people first before taking care of the rest! it's just natural human nature that is very hard to alter! He also said... "I am Malay first, but being Malay doesn't mean I am not Malaysian"

I agree with this statement....

~it is just another joke.....LOL...just laugh about it and get back to work people!!!

Break Your Heart....I'm only gonna tear you apart!

Monday, April 05, 2010

AHHHHHHHH...... iPad Uber tempting...celaka la the apps!!!! :(


then I'm got an itchy butt...wanna get a monitor.... LOL.... I wonder why... I have stupid spoiled brat reasons!!!! but heck... I WANT!!!!


iPad estimated cost: MYR 2500+ (if i get...i hentam 64GB straight)
Samsung Monitor cost: bout MYR 1500

o gotta stop monthly Heavy splurging!!! :(