Religion defines you... HELL YEAH!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bigger your beliefs... the bigger hypocrite you are... and it applies to ALL religions... seriously... it's not that the religion is messed up... its the people who believes in it, how they interpret it...

The religious ones are so called angel-like... bla bla bla.. Daniel it's sinful you say that, wrong you do that..... AH FUCK YOU least I don't have a two face when I face God.... Muslims, every Friday pray repent sins...padahal illegal parking outside...police saman... "celaka police!!!" then sandals always get missing in a Holy area....?????????

Christians, every Sunday repent sins, church I saw illegal parking outside.... what is this? Adoi....

After moments ago chatting with one of my Christian friend.... it trigger to me about my other friend who is also a strong believer.

The story goes:
College buys magazine for students to read/use at the student/office area.... so I found a particular nice cover with the article about Steve Job's whole career...Heck student hardly read as most of the student are on Facebook or CE..So I took it...stuffed it in my bag...*YEA I'M STEALING!!!!* then came P who is that strong believer dude... hey Daniel... Remember what's that tattoo on your bag... tsk tsk.... stealing.... not good man... bla bla bla bla bla bla.

yes I'ma Christian....a half past 6 one....SUE ME!!!

So P....a so called holy boy... all the goodness is great and condemns the wrong... FUCK THAT!...He jailbreaks his iPod Touch and tells me why bother purchasing the apps or E-books when the iPad will be cracked. Can get free what... Why should I pay? Why should I pay when I can get it FREE??? WELL... doesn't that sound... like.....I dunno, STEALING? Developers hard work, author of books are all efforts to earn honest money and now you're robbing them out of it... FUCK THAT... FUCK YOUR BELIEFS...

I what? I admit it... you steal, you DENY... AND CONDEMN people for doing it...

Well I have other stories but I'll save it till next time... :D

It's the Question of Civilization..

Cow Head, Pig Head....soon Human heads will be laying around the streets, if this isn't handled well. It's not the question of religion or race? Chinese, Indian, Malay.... Muslim, Christians, Hindus... We are 1Malaysia now(though it's not working too well) and this issue shouldn't be look as a racial/religion issue.

The burning of both surau and churches is just damn uncivilized... Fucking assholes trying to instigate hatred among the people. Let's put aside politics/politicians as well.... that too create stupid tension among the people... because honestly, Malaysians have a very sempit mind and a very short fius... anything of any magnitude can create chaos.

So if you wanna keep up with the news, keep an open mind... don't get influenced by the comments given, just read to keep up...not judge.

Honestly.... THIS SHIT started off from a stupid problem which could've been avoided in the FIRST PLACE.

Hehe... Finally SOMETHING to be on the WISHLIST 2010

iPad!!!... or the iPod Touch Gigantor!!! hehe
9.7 inch A4 processor... hmmm
N-wireless!!! wooo

I want!!!! here are some photos.. thanks to Engadget liveblog on the event..





oooo ooo!!!! bitch cheap!!!!!!


just read on gdgt....iWork is to be bought seperately? WTFH!!! and it's like $9.99 each!
Therefore $30 for a complete iWork... but yea.... who needs Numbers on the iPad anyways....

60 days till it's available.... should I just hop in and order online straight? or what and feel how it feels? I really need it so that there's no more hassle of printing my powerpoint/.doc notes. But looking at it at first glance... it doesn't seem to be able to fulfill what I want...what a shame...

Shall see how it goes!!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This 2010.... I've seen darn funny/sad/PHAIL material stuffs.... and there's 48 weeks to go!!! damn!!!!

Spy NEXT Door!!!
PHAIL-o-meter: 9/10

The passing of the Sultan of Johor...
PHAIL-o-meter: 8/10

actually it was just poor English excecution....pity...
PHAIL-o-meter: 10/10

Because Jan 27 is COMING!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I just wanna share this

my Sales Management Assignment which I did most of it by myself... ROFL

its from a MOV file which auto-pause after every slide but Youtube doesn't catch yea... its FUCK-Fast

Why I like it Longer

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Long has always been an issue... but let me share this story with you before I pitch my post...

I was at work (Machines Sunway Pyramid)...normal day but a African guy came... which an accent so THICK... came in asking for earphones with a long cable. Have you ever hear a black guy speak with a thick + English accent?

He came to me and this is what I heard, my colleague next to me heard the same thing

African dude: do you have an earphones which Longgar? you know... One side Longgar...I want a new one like this man.

Daniel: err...hmmm... ah huh.... yea... is it loose?... but we only sell this one sir... the Y-shaped earphones(equal length on both sides[as Apple only sell the Basic Apple earphones and other brands are also Y-shaped])

African dude: no no no no... longgar side it easier! you understand my English my friend?

Daniel: ya I do... 50:50...*one side loose? or what?.... damn*(took me awhile to actually notice his hand motion which actually says LONGER!!!)

Holy shyt... I told him that we don't have it and he walked off... we laughed through the whole night...

Longgar.... I mean...longer... has always been an issue in the society

hey... we should spend time longer, today you so free what...
hey.... I don't like Long-Distant relationship
hey... why so long never call me
hey... what took you so long
HEY... why yours so short one???? I love it LONGER!!!!!
Hey... SamyVellu... Longer Penang Bridge...possible not?
Hey... Subway 6 inch sandwich where got enough... take the longer one... foot-long!
hey... LONG TIME NO SEE... you SO FAT already ah!!!!
Spock: Live Long... and Prosper!


~my girlfriend is gonna kill me on this one... :(

Society tried making the word sound good... like iTalk, Digi, Maxis and Celcom.... talking longer and all.... but ehh... not interested!...

But then came along LG with the NEW CHOCOLATE phone!!! Well... Hope I get it! Fuck iPhone! though its great but every ama,akong,ah lian,ah beng, ah cai, ah mui, ma chan and etc etc uses WTF!!!! its not special anymore! Besides... 21:9 HD ratio... hmm.. movies like Avatar would never be the same again on a Phone! Holding the New Chocolate would just be an eye-catcher of the Day. Weeee....Adding to that, I can replace my Nokia 6233 which has a talk-time as long as 7 minutes(then it dies)... And my Motorola Razr2 V9 needs a new companion in my pocket. Plus, I can talk even Looooooooooo000000000oooooooooo00000000000000000000GER with my girl since my Hotlink is on my Nokia while Digi is on my Motorola... My Hotlink is building up credit like mad!!! RM100++ already!! and I only use it to text as I can't using it to call...battery issues.


~Note: My baby is a very nice girl... And I love that photo!!! =p

OMGi Friday!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haha... its different today... went to work but..but but.... but still had much fun and laughter at work. Stress sikit la.


Light & Sound spoke its superiority this 2010 as storm started in the evening... but I wasn't late for the INTI Orientation night 2010. Managed to see all the performance, was somehow fucking hyper, joked, laughed with Shane, Kelvin, isiSherlyn, SookPing & Vanitha... Mus was performing.

more of Mus HERE


Sad to see that people don't really know how to appreciate good performance and music but layan the stupidest things on stage... Like the fag who sang PANTS ON THE GROUND.... purely distasteful. The other distasteful act came from this gal L, or my friends and I call her Sherlyn was a fucking slutty was good but only on a club dance floor. It's stupid and sad to see why INTI can ban sex-educated material on the newsletter or rather racial jokes on stage but allow performance like this to go...The irony of INTI....fucking idiot upstairs people. Back to the story, the first performance was awesome!!! mask changing... Damn nice.... Performance were pretty much nicer this year but audience were like half due to the storm. But but I liked Pearl!!! the Cina,Jepun,Korea girl... danced very nice...stage presence, confidence and cute...hope she did win Ms. Inti 2010


And I discovered that in American Degree...there's this culture of false hope gonig around when people cheer for others no matter how sucky they are.... that ain't supportive, creates more harm than good to that person. That's why you can see many American Idol tryouts think they're so good when they suck so bad.

Tested- Oh what a surprise...WOOOOO.... I feel surprised.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

hehe....Daniel is noob... after years of using iTunes... I just found out that this existed.... PHAIL..

~lost RM 10.... damn.... such a contra to the RM 10 I found last week... FML! (some faggot didn't pay me d full amount when I was collecting money for the text's my fault...bleh)
~at cc playing today....o jeez I kena scolded by a friend for not performing... like wtf? I'm just playing for fun... Sial
~had 3 Cornetto and considered it Lunch. (They were giving it out for FREE)
~the extra-curricular subject BIT101 is an awesome subject(bitching 101)

PhotobucketAges since I got my hands dirty.... I lost it...

Speaking of people who are USERS...the very people who knows how to manipulate your mind...guys will always be guys... an evolution is needed here. Well, hoped I past mine. Adding to that, the best thing about these bitches actually is that they manage to convince you that they're angels while their quite as hot as them friend is a bitch....classic act. Seen it twice though, these people are mean and doesn't hesitate to kill.

And today I realized something, remember the Cow head incident with the Indians and Malays. Or the Hindus and Muslims....Come to think of it, I thought of that mindless actions might have some sense to it. If not why are they making a big fuss? Maybe the Hindu community has not one or 2 black sheep but a horde, which at times they do annoy me...they can be as bad as dirt and as low as soil. At times I don't fully blame this Stupid Malays with their stupid actions...cause it's their country, if I were the majority...I might do the same. Like how the Aussies dislike the Chinese in Australia, like how some Whites still detest the Blacks. It's the same shyt over here. Human.... are born with a brain which is so powerful yet we mock God's creation by under-utilizing it.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

O finally I had some of the Ikea meatballs... though I'm not supposed to... went to Curve, Ikea/Ikano and 1U today.... was fun! took girlfriend shopping.... even found the Timberland Tees I wanted... damn happy... not to mention the pre-date was rather pleasurable =D. Meatballs...meatballs!!! I love the meatballs... heh heh...O ya....even watched a movie... Case 39...Orphan was better.... Here are some photos btw... :D

*L-R: Chinese New Year set-up at Curve and poor Apple Keyboard....




wth Lilian does snake fly? obviously on the Dragon's back kan!!!!

Kena Marah.... >.<

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Adoi... SP marah me and Vani complaint that its boring.... hehe... dozed off for a bit there...then the scary noises woke me up... I only enjoyed eating my Teriyaki Chicken that I bought from Jusco... wee!!!

But Rotten Tomatoes is just plain rotten on this one.... Maybe its cause the problematic babe had such big boobies.... rofl.

bleh.... 5/10 for this movie...not cinema material!!!!

Ooo..O.... Update! on....iMac TouchScreen!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I WANT!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Envelop Desk!!!

And since I got the Aeron...this will play right in with it ;D

Funny English

Enjoyed the parody of English today...haha

first... this


Then this:

Daniel: Hey Vitt.... Spell racecar backwards

Vitt:: r-a-c-e-c-a-r....

Daniel: o..what does that spell out?

Vitt: I dunno la... Rac..... Acer..... dunno...but my spelling very good wan ok... and don't ask me to spell it again...


The Attack of the PeaceBreakers

Thursday, January 14, 2010

reports about the attack on the JB church....

How long is this going to go on?...Why can't the Herald shut the fuck up about the argument of rights to use the word ALLAH.... they should fucking know that their in MALAYsia...majority of the population Malay, therefore Islam...therefore mostly their rules. Why bother challenging it? just to get some fucking attention? ya now you got it.. CONGRATS. This issue is self-created by the Herald themselves and is causing problems to people who don't give a rat shyt about what they are fighting for. This was unnecessary. Yet again, poor decision led to the lost of national taxpayers money to things like this!

As for the non-educated unknown radicals who did it... fucking uncivilized. But I wouldn't blame the Malays/Muslims entirely. It might be some gangster/no life people taking advantage of the issue and causing a havoc... and they're laughing their ass off as they escape and watch their mischief on news... fuck that...

But good jokes come out of these, I was at college and saw this LALA chinese dude wearing a big-plated cross necklace...and he passed by me...I was like... He's so gonna get torched! LOL

What the Australia???

Sunday, January 10, 2010




WIshlist/Resolution 2010

hehe... Surprising I don't have much to ask around this year.... All I have in mind are these 3:

I miss my iPod!!!
The iSlate*this ain't the real photo...I think*

Swiss knife... The only thing I keep blogging bout and noone got it for me... :(

Resolution 2010...
errr... lose weight
long hair!!!
spend below 13k for the whole year... to date... I spent RM 702 already! FUCK!!!
reach 1000 friends on Facebook*what nonsense*..rofl!

Hmmm... So far, I bought my new perfume... CK FREE!!! its AWESUM!!!! :D but mahal...


It's Self reflect

Saturday, January 09, 2010

There's always some bad apples in the just can't help it. For Malaysia, there are fanatics or extremist who spoils it for the ruling party, the PM and even their own people.

The arson on those 3 churches ticked me off... but heck, this ain't my soil for me to shout it out loud. I hope the government is gonna fix this problem as it has already created fear amongst the Christians who are walking around.

Whether this is an act by the Government or their job its a totally different story. But no the issue is that....are more churches gonna go down? is May 13 repeating itself? Every party is condemning the arson...o Hell yeah I can condemn it too so I look good in the media or press.

What we can do as normal people who are no way near this problem, or the ignorant.... just live life normally... though you're a Christian and you have Malay friends... don't punish them, nor mock them just because 'their people' burnt down churches. Jangan kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. I say this because I do have friends who can't live a day without being an ASS

Back to College!!!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


WOO HOO!... gila

Sunday, January 03, 2010


haha... at least for now... :D

2010: Work,ASTO, Sleep

Saturday, January 02, 2010

How I ushered in my 2010? o... I worked today... it was a fun day to work. Fun and Awesome! Sold a lot and laughed a lot. And I noticed that it is already 2010. Logged in a little to early to do my Apple Sales Training Online. Thanks to being Eastern and 12 hours ahead before the system reset the points....

So ya, did a few at work and the rest was settled at home =D

This is how semangat I was

Siap wear Machines shirt somemore!!! haha... damn comfy as baju tidur!

Some of the stupid questions & answers


~yes....memang no life....