The Attack of the PeaceBreakers

Thursday, January 14, 2010

reports about the attack on the JB church....

How long is this going to go on?...Why can't the Herald shut the fuck up about the argument of rights to use the word ALLAH.... they should fucking know that their in MALAYsia...majority of the population Malay, therefore Islam...therefore mostly their rules. Why bother challenging it? just to get some fucking attention? ya now you got it.. CONGRATS. This issue is self-created by the Herald themselves and is causing problems to people who don't give a rat shyt about what they are fighting for. This was unnecessary. Yet again, poor decision led to the lost of national taxpayers money to things like this!

As for the non-educated unknown radicals who did it... fucking uncivilized. But I wouldn't blame the Malays/Muslims entirely. It might be some gangster/no life people taking advantage of the issue and causing a havoc... and they're laughing their ass off as they escape and watch their mischief on news... fuck that...

But good jokes come out of these, I was at college and saw this LALA chinese dude wearing a big-plated cross necklace...and he passed by me...I was like... He's so gonna get torched! LOL

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