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Thursday, January 21, 2010

hehe....Daniel is noob... after years of using iTunes... I just found out that this existed.... PHAIL..

~lost RM 10.... damn.... such a contra to the RM 10 I found last week... FML! (some faggot didn't pay me d full amount when I was collecting money for the text book...it's my fault...bleh)
~at cc playing today....o jeez I kena scolded by a friend for not performing... like wtf? I'm just playing for fun... Sial
~had 3 Cornetto and considered it Lunch. (They were giving it out for FREE)
~the extra-curricular subject BIT101 is an awesome subject(bitching 101)

PhotobucketAges since I got my hands dirty.... I lost it...

Speaking of people who are USERS...the very people who knows how to manipulate your mind...guys will always be guys... an evolution is needed here. Well, hoped I past mine. Adding to that, the best thing about these bitches actually is that they manage to convince you that they're angels while their quite as hot as them friend is a bitch....classic act. Seen it twice though, these people are mean and doesn't hesitate to kill.

And today I realized something, remember the Cow head incident with the Indians and Malays. Or the Hindus and Muslims....Come to think of it, I thought of that mindless actions might have some sense to it. If not why are they making a big fuss? Maybe the Hindu community has not one or 2 black sheep but a horde, which at times they do annoy me...they can be as bad as dirt and as low as soil. At times I don't fully blame this Stupid Malays with their stupid actions...cause it's their country, if I were the majority...I might do the same. Like how the Aussies dislike the Chinese in Australia, like how some Whites still detest the Blacks. It's the same shyt over here. Human.... are born with a brain which is so powerful yet we mock God's creation by under-utilizing it.

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