Countdown to Merdeka shows the ULTIMATE STUPIDITY OF MALAYSIANS

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For all the things to countdown to..... Malaysia's 52nd Independence? Obviously.... Malaysians got nothing better to do what..... we're good for doing rubbish.... Hypocrites... 355 days you guys sapu the government best best.... then Merdeka all countdown suddenly so proud to be Malaysian. *Spits*

If you notices in the beginning of the video....there was a banner saying pertahankan Islam, bukan kuil, laksanakan HUDUD sekarang...Fuck... you wanna hudud who?. There is and there will never be unity in a country so backwards minded. All the years of my life I see the parade...for what? kasi those jobless,lifeless people work to do la... gendang here & gendang there.

It's all hoax, its all coax to the rakyat.... If there's UNITY where is a Chinese PM? if there's UNITY, why can't the Indian temple sit still? If there's UNITY, why politicians jump more than katak?

I'm not instilling anger to the people.... the locals are just too freaking sensitive over something called FREEDOM of SPEECH! When the BUMI make noise all to move temple all nothing la..... Indians make noise a bit.... semua ISA....

bias right???? stop denying la...

Criminal case..... sooooooooooooo susah to solve right?..... 52 years INDEPENDENCE.... all maju tapi POLICE TAK MAJU....why so hard to crack one case? just because that botak name come up... all covered up?... good la....good

so you MALAYSIANS out there... counting down... you're the FUCKING IDIOTS



Malaysia means Malaysia la... no matter how good a product/service can be.... Malaysia tetap Malaysia...

why is it called an APPLE ONLINE STORE MALAYSIA when it SINGAPORE handles the order!!! FUCK IT!


52 years Independence... good la... Anti American product, boycott shyt all... how the FUCK the country wanna maju.... all the minister maju poket sendiri and tries to majukan a race which is FUCKING LAZY....

What if........

Friday, August 28, 2009

you see this gal and think that she's cute under the mask........


but when she reveals..... and you already have the thought that she's gonna give you a blow job...


her gigi is like that...... OMFG

New photos from Accident site

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remember this Post?
if that was bad, wait till you see this


Dear Intel Tiger Users.... It's gonna cost you a bomb!!! & Update Program (See here)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


RM 619

OooOOOoooo... I CAN'T WAIT for MINE!!!!!

for consumers who bought their Macs from June 1 onwards,
head over to:

hmmm.... The word.... Bar - Ge

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well... barge.. that's what a graduate typed in a letter and passed it to a superior and my dad saw it......

well..... I thought that was bad enough till I saw this...

and I doubt the person is referring really as burger as in McChicken Burger

Oh God..... Malaysia 52nd Merdeka.... told by a Singaporean.

Well at least from my perspective

Thank God we're in Singapore.... Malaysia much WORSE

Malays very slow...must spank one.... rofl
Chinese don't skinny...all dislocated

abang... kau gila ke?esok saya ada kerja
Indians very horny...must have sex at least 3times a week, if not dehydrated.

Malaysia Malaysia... do what Kumar said... cancel all Merdeka celebration...give money to the rakyat

1Malaysia what... RAKYAT DIUTAMAKAN!!!

is the italic line very true? well I know someone like how he describe btw.

Underneath it all.. It's STILL Windows

Redmond, start your photocopiers

How to be a top Apple Salesman

Steve JOBS!!!

Just Learn from the BEST!
I Don't Know but it WORKS

The Irony. watched the Taiwan drama that my sister bought again :\

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Lucky Star

Yoo Ha Na.... *loves!*

Paid tax and finally opned my Maybank savings account

Fuck Maybank!!!!
the only reason I opened it is because it provides the convenience when I want to bank in my cheque.

The melayu there work so damn fucking slow!!! don't call me racist! cause all Malays what at the counter!.... celaka betul... I sempat take a number, waited for 10 mins! then cycled to MBSA pay tax, come back, buy soya bean and went back in.... and that still had to wait another 10 minutes. OMG! WTF! babi Maybank! you guys should change the tiger symbol to a snail symbol! gosh! but glad I opened it already as last year I was denied...thanks to my fucking MyKad which actually had no problems. Damn Maybank staffs.

I burned the counter gal when she ask me:
Sudah lama ke duduk sini (as in have you live here long?)
I answered without realizing: ya... dah lama I duduk sini.. since 5004.. i siap boleh pigi bayar tax lagi and come back and still its not my turn!
the Teller: tak tak... you dah lama ke tinggal kat KK?
Daniel: o sorry I ingat you tanya benda lain.... ya.... 10 tahun

btw, yes... I did cycled.... no car kan...and no more that someone who can drive me around to do my errands. I look like a old skul small boy or a postman.... damn.... macam tu pun ada....


Man da reen..... I duuuun NOE!!!! how?

gah... guess I'm gonna miss the chance to be part of this reality TV show..hmmm.. unless I don't go for short semester....hehe.

But still... I wanna try my luck..... the post is....

Tell us why you can be HP SPACE’s official blogger in the most creative way possible!
- screw mandarin requirement! that's my theme....

maybe my dad will sound like this if i got into the competition

but... chinese are still the greatest!


from the Blogger. Js G

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yo bitches....I'm here to bitch this time around!

singing: satu hari hari raya... but the words are as follows...
satu hari, cari makan, makan banyak banyak sebelum puasa
kalau nanti buat pula dosa, mak tahu pasti dia gila!
o...why am I so bitchy about it? because the whole 2009 I don't see these white uniformed faggots walking around to saman people... and just 2 weeks before Ramadan month starts.... these low life, skinny cops go around saman-ing people like those sami kena rasuk hantu conteng conteng kertas wan.... OMG.... You can write a saman that fast... I wondered why you didn't do well for your SPM.... pity you bitches

Case 2: beauty pageant. The MELAYU should be given the rights to compete... Blardy hell nowadays the winners all so damn FUCKING cina..... OMG...... this isn't 1Malaysia....I want the Malay chiqs out there in the beauty pageant!!! they should be allowed!!!! I saw an Arab customer talking to me holding a can of Heneiken!!!!! Why don't JAIS catch this Muslim and lash the shit out of him?.... Man... the Muslim in Dubai are cool I guess. The courage to drink in the open...RESPECT. You Malaysian JAIS think you're God? FUCK THAT LA!!!! what we people do...what we sin is between us and God! I believe it's never stated in the Koran that a country should set up a damn Jabatan to check on people's sin when the officer themselves sin!!! O the indians.... I guess only the fair ones make it....kesian?....

Joke of the day: happened at work.(I work at a computer shop btw.)

Jonathan asked Gerald: eh... tomorrow you ok ar.... so lil people at work... only got you, Ivan and Kemy

Daniel: you working what!

Jonathan: but coming in noon only what....

Daniel: eh dude... morning where got so much business wan? you think we sell vadai and putu mayam ar?




Seems like Inti gonna get it for the first time....very soon....unless it's settled properly.
The streamyx service is cutting too much
Killed the watch dream
have a bruise from the accident which haven't heal yet
fucking part time wages.
okayz... gtg!!! :D nitez

District 9

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's sick, emo and boring..... but but but... it's still a must watch. Watching the movie and live through the story line is worth it. Has humor too, so it ain't that dull after all. It's a lil like documentary but its at the beginning and ending.

My First FD! Guess I'll kill the watch dream for now.

Byez watch dream.... :( Guess I'll work more onto saving rather than that "lavish" lifestyle that I have....

anyways... I stayed home today and I finally went over to my Bank to transfer my funds to FD....Fixed Deposit, in case there are stupid fuckers who don't know what it is.

Focus Focus on saving now....ahhhh!!!!


Mummy, you know what that G.I Joe said to me?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

To kill? to reduce? or to maintain?

I think it's the ill thoughts that are kicking in... I'm still 80% away from my dream watch... hmmm... and at times I really do wonder whether I really need it or not in the first place. =p
But I still want it though.... but with the Ω priced at 10 seems like to mountains I gotta climb...or I could settle for a Tag

L: the new Aquaracer 500m
R: the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

The passion died for a moment today =( so sakit hati... hope the spirit picks back up again!
The only reason if I ever get the Tag Heuer is to match my Tag Heuer Sunglass =p

Sounds like a prayer more than a Commentary- FUNNY!


Ar(phlegm)senal kick(phlegm)s off new EPL season with the Car(phlegm)nage of Everton

This is the video for the goals

What a new benchmark for 09/10 season.... bring it on!!!!!!

Alright Alright... enought with the Youtube!!! Now That I finish my exams....

Friday, August 14, 2009

and its already AUGUST 2009
holy SMOK!

So... semester 2 @ Inti..... how is it?.....

it is.... LEGEND.....wait for it...... DARY!!!!!!

I'm already missing my college buddies though I just finished exam like 2 hours ago

Let's see.... among the highlights of my 2nd semester....

named MCP
Gala Dinner
Almost life taking accident
bought lingerie for my friend
met the President of my Uni
met visiting students from US and clubbed with them
gained A LOT of friends
managed to pull off the super-pervert but still likable friend, unlike someone
fucking hated Anthro... and gotten no mercy from it for Finals... FUCK YOU!

~it was rather a fun 3.2 months..... that's all for now.... wanna crash!

Silence!!!!!! I Kill you...... A TERROR-ist

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Buy Warcraft 3... you can play DODA!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

H1N1 Song!

Monday, August 10, 2009

funny song... but the chiqs in the video is just too HOT to ignore

Therefore, the real deal!!!!

Watching soccer!!! Many Ultraman!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

7th mins Man Utd score already?.... tek tek, and my prediction is that The Blues are gonna win... o well... at this point of time... it 22nd mins as I typed till her....

Blues kena drill wei... wtf.... I don't feel it that Chelsea is gonna win


O, btw... for sports fan who wanna watch online tv on a Mac... I'm using the TVUPlayer... do head on to their website and download it.

Muka bosan!

Mati la Ultraman!!!!!! - just die!!!

MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY iMac Dashboard!!!!!

Saturday, August 08, 2009



Command & Conquer 4!!!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

G.I. Joe.... FAIL!!!!!

apa la.... The CGI was awesome la but.... too superficial la.... nonsense...

Huge bases underwater and NO ONE IN THE WORLD knows bout it?
SUPER ADVANCE base with no automatic alarm?
Small pistol firing some huge amount of energy?

Apa tahi ni?.... this movie is nowhere even near Terminator la... boo hoo!!!!

And no originality... there are elements from

Transformers: the jumping scene
Crysis: The suit for Christ sake!!!
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: the Middle East War
Wolverine: the injection into face during surgery
Terminator: Robot like humans
StarWars: the underwater battle
Spiderman 2: the train scene

I still think that, the best so far.... hmmmm....

Transformers 2
Terminator Salvation
The Taking of Pelham 123
...other few
G.I Joe

EPL 09/10 short simple prediction

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

With Cristiano Ronaldo gone..... easy to start the verdict.... Man Utd... MAKAN TAHI...

I say... it will be Arsenal's year this year!!! Winning the EPL...
or Chelsea....

Liverpool and others.... ah...... cannot make it la....

The new "big" Man City with Arsenal's Toure, Adebayor... and many more monkeys.... nah... won't make it too....hehe...

Dream... Dream.... Dream

It's rather confusing....hopeful.... and fun when dreams kick in these days.. I think its the virus that brings out my dreams...haha

Dreamt of:
chasing a girl I suka for ages...literally chased like Forest Gump
my mom being caught by the cops
on a date watching a yet to be created Transformers 3 *wtf kan!?*
took pictures in those Jap photo booth again!....(I usually disagree to this shyt)
shot a few people dead
Shopping mall Basement

It was about you that it was most intense.... I guess it cause I thought bout you lots... Its amazing after all this time, my heart still race for you.... =p ^crazy sweet

The Death of just another Cina what.... what so the BIGGA Deal? asked the Indian at the Mamak.

O ya its big coz it's political mutha fucka!!!!
*The indian character is just to stir laughter... ha ha ha

My condolence TBH..... and to the future wife and the parents... and the upcoming baby....sorry sorry. That's how most Malaysian feel.... and how Uncle LKS and Co. is trying to fight out a PROPER investigation.

But what about those people perception who are in the case.... I bet their life goes like this.

Bangun lambat~ huh.....*rubs eye* apa? ada Cina mati ar?...siasatan ar... kerja? NOW ar?... chill dei chill.... I haven't shave my ketiak dei.... after I come k...

And what's with the MACC crap thing? all involved? say ni la involved.... hide hide cover cover hide behind bushes for what.... salah d what.... takut apa? Tau buat salah d... diam diam la..

~ A service reminder to all M'sian.... PLEASE x3 do not believe what the printed newspaper of Msia tell you... allllllllllll cover up like how cats cover its shit after shitting.

Wonder what is our wonder 5th PM is doing.... if he's doing so much right than wrong... then why is his face plastered in most of the comic strips in MalaysiaKini making him look like a evil Bastard? People bitch.... there's a reason.... cause there's something wrong.... if not simply bitch?...

Pity this Chinese boy boy... and what...dried blood stain even before death?... hmm.... even heard rumors that there are videos of him being beat up by.... *fill in the answer here* before he died and was thrown down the building?....

~~ catch up more by following Uncle LKS twitter.... he damn semangat....

Where's the justice?

when is the opposition gonna take over the government ni.... not to say i want BN to go down the longkang.... I wanna see a multi-cultural political cabinet... at least Uncle LKS as Deputy PM...!!!

One Malaysia or ONE-WAY MALAY-sia?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Oh God... another plan?

and PM's wife came out with her own website so people would read that and not read bout tabloid "slander".... why is she so worried bout slander anyways? banyak tahi ke?

hmmm... 1 MALAYSIA....

1) Istimewa org Melayu... how is it 1 Malaysia when one race has the upper hand?
2) MyKad only states citizens as Malaysians, not Melayu, Cina, India
3) Freedom of speech and religion. When is this country gonna have it?
4)The real definition of BAHASA MALAYSIA IS = BAHASA ROJAK (BM should stay on as BAHASA MELAYU)

The Indians in Penang are crying out loud for their land.... and both DAP and BN is not doing the REAL SHIT for them?..... It's so fucking obvious...... It clearly shows : U India manyak sikit... tak yah tolong pun tak pa la....

How did the land ever fall into the hands of other people? It happened back in BN's GLORY DAYS.... who ruled for almost 50 years.... and the voters expect the recently won opposition to overturn it in a year???? INDIA? you ada betul ka apa you cakap kat news NTV7? you tau kan... even a baby takes 9months to come out.... 2 years to walk.... you ingat ini cerita Tamil ar? semua overacting punya?.... boloh punya olang! FUCK... patience la.... you think Sivaji running the state office ka?..... itu cina Lim Guan Eng saja tau....Mortal saja....

1Malaysia plan..... to be perfect..... i think 0.99% chance......serious.... unless Najib can pull a real show making ALL RACES EQUAL IN THE COUNTRY

The Durian, Work and Potato

Monday, August 03, 2009

stood 10 hours plus straight! ~ thanks iPhone 3GS

had a nice day out with my old kaki... and she said we did share a virus...making me feel a lil sick now... *but worth it I guess =D* Proposal was nice... funny!! and there's was jakun syiok sendiri dude laughing damn loud in the cinema....I pity his girlfriend.

Had durian... just couldn't resist!!!....worst feeling after that. Tapi it was damn sedap!
Took me forever to sleep last night and it was the night the phone had to rang.

Finals is like next Thursday and Friday... and I haven't start studying....great!
seeing friends in college made me feel a lil better =D. class is at 12 but now its only 9.... what the fuck....