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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yo bitches....I'm here to bitch this time around!

singing: satu hari hari raya... but the words are as follows...
satu hari, cari makan, makan banyak banyak sebelum puasa
kalau nanti buat pula dosa, mak tahu pasti dia gila!
o...why am I so bitchy about it? because the whole 2009 I don't see these white uniformed faggots walking around to saman people... and just 2 weeks before Ramadan month starts.... these low life, skinny cops go around saman-ing people like those sami kena rasuk hantu conteng conteng kertas wan.... OMG.... You can write a saman that fast... I wondered why you didn't do well for your SPM.... pity you bitches

Case 2: beauty pageant. The MELAYU should be given the rights to compete... Blardy hell nowadays the winners all so damn FUCKING cina..... OMG...... this isn't 1Malaysia....I want the Malay chiqs out there in the beauty pageant!!! they should be allowed!!!! I saw an Arab customer talking to me holding a can of Heneiken!!!!! Why don't JAIS catch this Muslim and lash the shit out of him?.... Man... the Muslim in Dubai are cool I guess. The courage to drink in the open...RESPECT. You Malaysian JAIS think you're God? FUCK THAT LA!!!! what we people do...what we sin is between us and God! I believe it's never stated in the Koran that a country should set up a damn Jabatan to check on people's sin when the officer themselves sin!!! O the indians.... I guess only the fair ones make it....kesian?....

Joke of the day: happened at work.(I work at a computer shop btw.)

Jonathan asked Gerald: eh... tomorrow you ok ar.... so lil people at work... only got you, Ivan and Kemy

Daniel: you working what!

Jonathan: but coming in noon only what....

Daniel: eh dude... morning where got so much business wan? you think we sell vadai and putu mayam ar?


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