Friendship Award 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

haha... the most awaited post that I wanna do each year! Let's Go
Let's see who comes to mind first...

Best yumcha Kawan
Altos Boon

Best colleague at Machines Empire - during return

The I say I do friend
Isaac - He really outdone himself... RESPECT

The most unexpected friend
Dato' Azhar Muhammad

Best New Colleague
Amy - psst pssttttt... have you heard about.....

The "still steals my heart" friend
Carol Tan

The short term but fun friend
William Siah - We sang at work... Hits like Hangover, Friday and Boyfriend... LOL

The singing buddy
Weelyn... yet to meet :(

Skyping Buddy
TTT - she wants it like this
Look Sayur

The one who labels me a socialite and a playboy =.=
Lilynn - haih..... -.-

Best Klang friend
Shannon Keng - "come work with me laaaaa" she said

Twitter buddy
Jo Lin

Lecturer to Friend
Eric Lee
Kevin Lawrence

Final Sem Buddy
Nathan Low
Tan Thian Hoe

The one who always thinks I'm a total ass friend
Guat Ai

The never forgotten High School friend
Mr. Sim - my Physics teacher who now chats with me on Facebook =.=

The always in Music friend

Funny how she owns a piece of me after all this time

It's d smile :)

~after all this time

BN is here to stay *Logic Thinking*

Monday, December 17, 2012

Finally I gotten the time to give my piece of mind to fellow readers about THE REALITY of Malaysia in this upcoming election.

Bottom line.... if a person is getting business from the ruling government, he/she WILL vote that party although they may not believe in that party's M.O.

Simple.... If I'm a millionaire thanks to projects from the government.... would any RIGHT state of mind...change the government? If the opposition win and claims to go by the books... it's a matter of time some other dude that will get the government's business.... and he/she becomes rich instead of me?.... Do you want that to happen? FUCK NO!...

Of course there are sayings about "Let's fight for change!!!", this government is corrupted! they cheat our money! it's for our future generation. FUCK THAT SHIT! would you live to know your great-grand-children? Even if you do... I bet you wanna have a nice and smooth life rather than suffering like a zombie right?

Therefore, it's clear people who are in the circle are still gonna vote the ruling government.... It just makes sense to my OWN COMFORTABLE living. "Oh Daniel, don't you care bout your great grand kids?" FUCK that, i wouldn't even know them... and their well being is primarily my grandchildren's concern. My responsibility extends to my parents, siblings and kids. MAKE SENSE?

It's either I'm rich or that dude is rich..... your choice. ME... of course I rich la... why the fuck I allow other people to be rich right? =.=

As for the middle income people... It makes sense to vote the opposition because you may want the them to check the ruling government thoroughly, making sure they don't cheat so much of your money. It's all about check & balance. The ruling government cannot sit to comfortably on its throne, somebody has to rock the boat some time to remind them to do their job and do it right.

So Najib... I don't think you're gonna lose it all but I think your share of the cake maaay get smaller.

Depending on the reader who are... I think you already know who you're gonna vote. Even Najib should know this, if not... he should not even be the PM.

Business wise..... BN should stay on. I think no matter what they're still gonna be on top... just that their slice of the cake should be bout 50:50

I'm not for BN neither I'm for the Opposition. My post is all about logic of what a citizen would do given his/her status in the society

Life Update

Saturday, December 15, 2012

So yeah... iPhone is already out here in Malaysia... I gotten mine over  the Apple Online Store...JUST THE PHONE. Getting it on the 18th of December. No fucking thanks to DiGi being a whore, charging RM400 flat rate for termination as compared to last year. Could've have gotten my phone today. FUCK you DiGi. If only I could beat you up till you turn blue like Celcom. Seriously, customer loyalty mean fucking nothing to you. You could easily tie me down continuously on a yearly basis... but heck, God knows what goin through that brain of yours.

Work life is fine... nothing to shout about. But every day I learn that religion is for a bunch of fuckers who wants status in some shyt. Don't get me wrong... there are some who are really finding God via religion, but one does not need a religion to feel God's love.... one needs faith! and believe in Him. At work I see people doing religion related staffs to score points to be promoted. I see people from the same religion but very quick to turn the other side when one needs help. Fuck religion! all you need is God!