It's almost 2015

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dear blog,

As usual... It's been awhile. Life has been steady, life has been lonely, life has been okay. Financials seems smooth as I'm not feeling any pinch yet. Investment is not doing so well. Life at home is like sailing through the sea, it's calm at times.... and rocky at times too. Dad has a shorter fuse louder tantrum, mom has become more forgetful and more careless in her spending, sister is going through weird shyt phase that it is so irritating to bear. Work life, it's been like that.... there....happy times, slow alopecia has healed, Thank God for that of course. I feel stuck at times, maybe I'm just benchmarking myself wrong. How I see myself, fat, not rich, an ass....holy shyt fuck there's no balance there to make me feel like an attractive candidate to be a bf at times. I keep telling ppl I'm not in the market... who I kidding?... how to main when I'm not even projecting a look that I give a shyt. Well at least I've not succumb to Spas like some of my friends do. I think all this feeling will definitely go away when my investments are doing well. Still aiming for that 100k within the next two years. C'mon!!!!! I actually feel better typing this shyt out's definitely way better than sharing your shyt with people. Like they don't have enough on their own plate.

Anyways... till next time..... 2015 Daniel.... hope investments are sexy by then when you check back here again :) Chin up BITCH!