iPhone 5s in Malaysia.... 1st November

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


iPhone 5s and 5c should be available in Malaysia on 1st November!!!! Get ready fellow Malaysians!

Public Holidays Malaysia 2015

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I'm still ALIVE!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

say my blog in sadness....

Sorry I outgrown the shyt out of you.... but I won't let you die totally.

Okay.... what about life?....

Let's start with myself

Job is fine... work has been okay.... customers has been a little crazy.... dealing with it.... happy happy sad FUCKING PISSED!

Still on the dry season.... Dang it

Investment has been doing well for the first time in 4 years.....dangerous though... I ALL-IN into an O&G counter called Daya Materials.... lots of good news from their side.... hoping to play this long term than my usual hit and run method.... used to make hundreds in that... but now..... by the thousands..... What's the secret?..... Penny Stock and Volume. Seriously. Yea playing blue chip stock is safe and steady.... but how much can you make?

Simple logical example:

Assuming you have 30k in hand

Blue chip stock
$10.00 per share

30,000 / 10.00 =  3,000 shares

Penny stock
$0.30 per share

30,000 / .0.30 = 100,000 shares


let's look if both stocks went up 10 cents

Blue chip stock
0.10 x 3,000 = 300

Penny stock
.10 x 100,000 = 10,000

So yeah.... see? Volume makes...... but of course penny stocks are usually more volatile compared to safer blue chips... So yeah..... High risk.... high returns.... think about it.... think hard... whether are you willing to take risk and can you cope with risks. Important thing is that you gotta read read read....

As for Daya which I have lots of faith in personally.... here are some links

Other than that... life is fine.... the Apple addiction is still there though.... Just gotten myself the 2013 Airport Extreme.... it's reaching on Monday.... will update you guys on the performance after the latest Airport Express is a total letdown....

I'm still tryna let go my Macbook Air... check it, share it

I have been on betas for both 10.9 Mavericks and iOS 7...... worst beta start ever!!!! previous years beta started off stable.... this time around... took a slow start... especially the iOS7 on the iPad..... hanged several times...... fucking nonsense!... other than that.... I kinda like the fresh change, given I started using iOS 1.1 since late 2007... App icons are flat now.... so yea..... 3rd parties like Whatsapp and all....when are you guys gonna start flatting your app icons =P

As for Mavericks....I've been using it more on my iMac...hence I don't feel much..... I think it suppose to be the OS that really save battery life as OS nowadays really focus on mobility

Oh well..... =P

She could make it.....

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gal Gadot Selfie Video on Youtube!!!!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

GAL GADOT!!!!!!!!
Damn.... nothing beats this!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG.... The song can't be Shazam.... but according to the Description of the video...

Noy Alooshe & Saar Badishi

Off The Rack Asia.... Coming This June!

Monday, June 03, 2013

These guys will be up and running pretty pretty soon. Do head over to their Website or FB page to find out more on how you can shop and save and look good and stay NOT BROKE.!!! 

Julie Zhan!!!!!!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Watch it!!!

Fucking Julie Zhan!!!!! The next best thing after Erica Law!!!  

I love her dance!!!!! Talented!

More of Julie Zhan here

Bangkok > Kuala Lumpur

So... I just got back from my trip to Bangkok....

Why the title?

Thai people can be said to be the bumiputera(s) of Thailand. Yes they have their shtyty politics there but the average people there are so polite and nice to others. Patient. Compare to the bumiputera(s) of Malaysia.....Where some are labeled as the Ultimate Malays.....has so much hatred, violence and anger in them, waiting to pounce and strike whenever there's a chance to.

Malaysia boasts out loud about its tourism 2014... but  the people here are not welcoming.... fucking taxi drivers are a cibai rip off.... but why? is it really their fault? Zoom out.... Look at the ruling government who put petty importance on them. No wonder they're so grumpy and all out to cheat foreigners. Unlike Taxi drivers in Thai, yea....can tell that they lead a hard life but they're so jovial.... but looking a little deeper.... they have a system in the industry which help taxi drivers to earn an income.

3 days in Thailand... looking at the streets with is filled with push-carts.... there was not a day that I spotted a cockroach or even a rat. Of course there are lots of stray dogs around..... Fuck you go SS15.... Like a pest zoo.... Fucking dirty.

But the state of the people are are quite sad, but they're fucking hardworking to earn a living... every inch of the street someone is selling something. But the bumis here.... ala.... tunggu BR1M saja la... This is why the country can't progress.

The Thais are simple more resilient compared to the pampered people here in Malaysia.

On another note... recently I was talking to a Chinese Indonesian who also shared that the Indons have much hatred against the Chinese before the reformation....same like what's going here in Malaysia....

Why do you people hate the Chinese?....Simple... coz they're rich..... why? coz they're hardworking? maybe...... coz you're lazy? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!!!

Again I wanna stress that Malaysia is a country with is rich of resources.... especially land and oil.... and yet our currency is a like a turd compared to our neighbor Singapore which SO SMALL.

Holy Mother Crap I've not Blogged yet this 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Alright...status report

I have the case of gout..... damn malu... :(

My work has been increasingly boring.... and meaningless. Just confirmed...with a RM 100 increment.. making the basic RM 2400 GROSS

was offered to work with a start up company though..... what's holding me back is the RM 2000 gross pay....

But let's compare with my current job

RM 2400                                               RM 2000
5 1/2 Day week                                     5 Day week
49Hours                                                 40 Hours
Sales Target of 60k Monthly                       -
RM469 Petrol+Makan+Toll                   RM 326.4 Petrol + Makan
RM 300 Petrol Claims Average                   -
RM 150 Commission                                   -

Oh FML :(
I don't know what to do....

Anyways... 2013... has been alright..... Hope to blog more.....

Btw, now I know why I'm feeling so demotivated.... I have not typed out my wishlist for this year..... All I think nowadays is save save save money..... :( so tension.