The Eyes do See *Melaka*

Sunday, November 29, 2009

*Lil pussy*

*The everyday Fucking Malaysian with Malaysia Boleh spirit!*

The Beauty =D

notice the ring around the moon... That's the first time I saw that...
awesome!!! =D

PHAIL! Magic Mouse

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yet another Apple's biggest Rip-off product after the fast dying battery of the iPhone 3GS...
~ looks cool and uber but NO to a certain degree...


OK... the Magic Mouse... why I say its a failure *well at least for the moment..*
it's because that it lacks the REAL gestures that the consumers really need! and from a 5-button went back to only 2! removing the expose & dashboard button. Zooming?.... It's only screen zoom where the normal wired mouse is capable of doing. 360˚ scrolling can also be done with the wired mouse... just that the good part is that it did away with the easy dying scroll ball.

Priced at RM 229 in Malaysia...and with the fact of changing battery... its a hassle + the weight isn't nice for a flat mouse. On the contrary the tracking is awesome and accurate!

My idea is actually to look at the NEW Bamboo Pen & Touch with is a tablet and a MOUSE REPLACEMENT as it can act as a trackpad with most of Macintosh's new trackpad features such as zooming, scrolling, rotating.


Best part is that it has Mac's multi-touch gestures and this tablet can also work on Windows! Best on both worlds right?!?!?! and and... adding to that, it includes a pen and 2 bundled software which is Photoshop Elements & Nik Color Effects Pro.'s a mouse replacement and a tablet so I can explore my sucky art side... muahahahah...The Bamboo Pen & Touch is priced at RM 419 (but I'm getting mine for only RM 338!!! but not as staff price benefits sucks!)and it's available at all Machines outlet. =D

Motivational Poster!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Good Karma Pays Fast!! :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

After all the crazy stuffs I pulled to impress loved ones around me... Finally there's some that come back...keke...Good karma pays off!!! This is just uber =D
and hell yeah I'm Bragging!

*the day love came....I guess?* but it was her first art(think so..)

*up&down: my birthday present!*


Saturday, November 14, 2009

"maam...ada sticker tak...kenapa belum ada sticker lagi?"
"mahal la, tak mahu bayar"
"cepat dapat sticker ya..."
~convo btw my mom and the guard at most nights..

The fuck this Guard house bullshit all over Malaysia!!! This is shit and it has to stop ASAP! I've lived in Kota Kemuning for 10 years and for the first NINE years I live in a very safe environment without this stupid guards. Who THE FUCK ARE THEY TO COME IN, SET UP and COLLECT MONEY? the stupid committee come around telling us with should fence bla bla.... My family bought a house in Kota Kemuning..or the fact we buy any property in Malaysia is because it's nice and free to move around... if I wanted fence, I'll move to Pudu Jail and live!!!. Do you know that if you do not agree to this shyt...its a fact that these mofo guards are preventing you the rights to go home to your own property. And who the fuck cares the LEAST? NAJIS TUN LAZAT...who make sure his bald spot is nice and shiny, the Mongolian case is far from him. What happened to fixing the RIGHTS of the RAKYAT? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 1MALAYSIA TAGLINE?... or long story short... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???????

malaysia guard house Pictures, Images and Photos

Back to the stupid committee people....well at least at my area(double story terrace)... I guess this rich wanna-be wants that recognition or exclusiveness which they can't actually afford from a gated community...then try to create their own by enforcing others to join in... or... they have the tendency of child negligence..letting their kids run out to play with friends, cycle. I know coz I play soccer that the field. This people should not be tolerated and money should not be paid or safety... What the fuck is the INCOME TAX for? well partially is to...PAY THE DAMN POLICE PUNYA GAJI LA!!!!!... and what are police for again?..... o jeez... do I have to state everything down????


:fucking late comers to shop:fuck that name: fuck the guards at my housing area:
:Fuck the screen protector:fuck the employer:fuck the pay:fuck the Burger King dude:
:fucking ugly la:fucking no money:disturbed:fucking no stock:fucking stamina:
:fuck the tax and lack of ingredients at Subway Sunway Pyramid:fuck you for bringing it up:
:fuck my head which is acting weird:fuck it more when it has stupid thoughts:fuck the Chinese ed:

Holiday Holiday!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

O....the FUCKING bright sun of Kampar....

train ride was a new a noob traveler. Had faith... and thank God there were actually tickets when I was there early in the morning though the website said they were sold out! Well... Took nice seats while going and shitty seats while coming back. O lord the INDONS can't shut their trap talking all the way from God knows where till I got off at KL Sentral... and the fucking kid with them was such a monkey!

Anyways...back to Kampar!
I bumped into my cousin at UTAR...well wanted to see him though, since I was bored at campus....nice campus though, lake... and a Tesco nearby! walking distance!!!

Some photos of the view that I was looking at for 4 days!!!

The before & after rain effect... so intrigued by it... =D *eh celaka... 2photos only actually.. haha*

Picture with....

I heart this Gambar!


O daniel....crazy bastard!!!


*Danny-boy(the soft toy) looks deprived!*
and my hair looks gay-ly flat...caused I was forced to Shampoo!!! :(...haha

Loving Danny-Boy

~it was a fun trip long story short....Pilates and Yoga were AWWWWSUM!

Dinner @ Dave by Vicki...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vicki was nice enough to create a Facebook event for a Birthday Dinner for Shu Yi's bf...which is me *damn nice of her* and of course her own friends Melanie and Beatrice!

Location.... The Babi Dave at 1U...


The Bday Peeps... Melanie, Me and Beatrice

Baby and I <3

Vicki the Organizer!(I organize d leh.... she pays la......LOL)

*The Close Bunch!*

The people!!!! mostly I tak kenal...but heck!!! it was fun!


Food looks nice... big portion...Non-Halal.... What I ordered had SO MUCH FATS for RM53 + 10% + 5%*(Pork Knuckle...or is it Pig Knuckle?...haha)....but drinks were great!... smooth! Pizza looked awesome but didn't manage to try though

This is the video of Beatrice playing the grandma game

I gotten the hint by the guy next to me...wahaha...


Friday, November 06, 2009


First Motivational Poster =p

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Try This...

The Lovemakers - Love is Dead
Owl City - Fireflies

all their songs.... they make nice cover for songs of other artist

Mika - I See You *which was in the ending of Gossip Girl S03E08*

Boring ME!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

haha... while waiting for Gossip Girl and Heroes.... I searched everyone who shares the same birthday with me :D not many though.... what caught my eye in the list is a Japanese model-->Yuko Ogura.


and not to forget...
Aishwarya Rai!!!!!
hmmm... she's 36 this year.....
still a beauty... =D

Birthday with Family!!!


Hanging around Pavilion after breakfast before lunch!


haha... tried to kiss my mom who doesn't like to kiss me as a son.... wakaka... attracted a small crowd though...wahaha

Godiva Modeling.... haha

Birthday lunch @
Westin Hotel.... cause I stayed a night there.... =D

*took a photo but didn't eat it... lupa!*

very nice place!!! food was....alright... not much choices though
the best was the laughter with family.... priceless!