Saturday, November 14, 2009

"maam...ada sticker tak...kenapa belum ada sticker lagi?"
"mahal la, tak mahu bayar"
"cepat dapat sticker ya..."
~convo btw my mom and the guard at most nights..

The fuck this Guard house bullshit all over Malaysia!!! This is shit and it has to stop ASAP! I've lived in Kota Kemuning for 10 years and for the first NINE years I live in a very safe environment without this stupid guards. Who THE FUCK ARE THEY TO COME IN, SET UP and COLLECT MONEY? the stupid committee come around telling us with should fence bla bla.... My family bought a house in Kota Kemuning..or the fact we buy any property in Malaysia is because it's nice and free to move around... if I wanted fence, I'll move to Pudu Jail and live!!!. Do you know that if you do not agree to this shyt...its a fact that these mofo guards are preventing you the rights to go home to your own property. And who the fuck cares the LEAST? NAJIS TUN LAZAT...who make sure his bald spot is nice and shiny, the Mongolian case is far from him. What happened to fixing the RIGHTS of the RAKYAT? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 1MALAYSIA TAGLINE?... or long story short... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???????

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Back to the stupid committee people....well at least at my area(double story terrace)... I guess this rich wanna-be wants that recognition or exclusiveness which they can't actually afford from a gated community...then try to create their own by enforcing others to join in... or... they have the tendency of child negligence..letting their kids run out to play with friends, cycle. I know coz I play soccer that the field. This people should not be tolerated and money should not be paid or safety... What the fuck is the INCOME TAX for? well partially is to...PAY THE DAMN POLICE PUNYA GAJI LA!!!!!... and what are police for again?..... o jeez... do I have to state everything down????

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