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Friday, November 13, 2009

O....the FUCKING bright sun of Kampar....

train ride was a new a noob traveler. Had faith... and thank God there were actually tickets when I was there early in the morning though the website said they were sold out! Well... Took nice seats while going and shitty seats while coming back. O lord the INDONS can't shut their trap talking all the way from God knows where till I got off at KL Sentral... and the fucking kid with them was such a monkey!

Anyways...back to Kampar!
I bumped into my cousin at UTAR...well wanted to see him though, since I was bored at campus....nice campus though, lake... and a Tesco nearby! walking distance!!!

Some photos of the view that I was looking at for 4 days!!!

The before & after rain effect... so intrigued by it... =D *eh celaka... 2photos only actually.. haha*

Picture with....

I heart this Gambar!


O daniel....crazy bastard!!!


*Danny-boy(the soft toy) looks deprived!*
and my hair looks gay-ly flat...caused I was forced to Shampoo!!! :(...haha

Loving Danny-Boy

~it was a fun trip long story short....Pilates and Yoga were AWWWWSUM!

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