It's almost 2015

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dear blog,

As usual... It's been awhile. Life has been steady, life has been lonely, life has been okay. Financials seems smooth as I'm not feeling any pinch yet. Investment is not doing so well. Life at home is like sailing through the sea, it's calm at times.... and rocky at times too. Dad has a shorter fuse louder tantrum, mom has become more forgetful and more careless in her spending, sister is going through weird shyt phase that it is so irritating to bear. Work life, it's been like that.... there....happy times, slow alopecia has healed, Thank God for that of course. I feel stuck at times, maybe I'm just benchmarking myself wrong. How I see myself, fat, not rich, an ass....holy shyt fuck there's no balance there to make me feel like an attractive candidate to be a bf at times. I keep telling ppl I'm not in the market... who I kidding?... how to main when I'm not even projecting a look that I give a shyt. Well at least I've not succumb to Spas like some of my friends do. I think all this feeling will definitely go away when my investments are doing well. Still aiming for that 100k within the next two years. C'mon!!!!! I actually feel better typing this shyt out's definitely way better than sharing your shyt with people. Like they don't have enough on their own plate.

Anyways... till next time..... 2015 Daniel.... hope investments are sexy by then when you check back here again :) Chin up BITCH!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Movie Review)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My 3rd movie with Nuffnang (at Pavilion)... I think...

First being Law Abiding Citizen ( at Mid Valley)
Second being Star Trek (I One Utama)

Holy mother cow la Churp Churp people damn long queue, scare the shyt out of me =P

Movie was AWE AWE AWE AWE AWE SOME!!!!!!!
Can Jizz
Can Cum
Can Orgasm

What was great is also my company was a cute sort of blind date.... It was smooth and nice... :)

But but but this is where it got fucking sucky

On my right.... Seats H11 and H12

Got one big orangutan of a girl
and one virgin of an ape
Seriously they were talking away throughout the fucking movie. Lemme transcript what I heard over the two hours.....

VirginFuck: Hey if I do this, is it okay?
Me: *gently turn over....wonder is he fingering her, if did he passed through that layer of her tunder thighs?
FatOrangutan: No ar, it's okay... it's fine... most of my guy friend do this to me
Me: *wow, she must have hand HIV or something*

10 minutes later...
VirginFuck: Hey if I hold like this, will you slap me ar?
FatOrangutan: I think I'm gonna slap you soon lor

5 minutes later
VirginFuck: hey you know this friend..... bla bla bla gibberish Fuck nonsense.... bla bla bla bla bla
Fat Orangutan: yea maybe this.... maybe that....

Repeat from the top..... holy mother cock damn annoying....vomit blood.

But all in all... Nuffnang never fails to jaga its bloggers, even if it means putting noisy hand-holding virgins between us and make us enjoy the movie.

Sneakers/Snickers Look good to Taste awesome

Friday, July 11, 2014

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Bla bla bla..... Words can be so boring at times.....Well let me share something with you which makes you wanna get one IMMEDIATELY!!!.... I assume you all...YOU ALL... have a good childhood....Well at least for me, I grew up watching Space Jam.... where Michael Jordan joins Looney Tunes in playing Basketball. If you don't know it, go lay down in the kitchen on the gas and sleep..... LOL... Anyways there's a part where Michael Jordan said he needs his sneakers to play.... so Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck went to get it..... oh enough words already, I manage to find 2 clips for your viewing. Enjoying being young again! and go get some shoes at Zalora!!!!

Dear Daniel. It was only a matter of time.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Over the years I've found myself attracted to cartoons.... some more than the other.....some coz it's more powerful, or cute......Why so sudden people said..... I couldn't answer... but looking back at my photo collection over the years... there were some photos showing signs..... =P

Posing with Hello Kitty Macbook sleeve at work

Crocs with Hello Kitty jibbitz

Hello Kitty Casing for my Blackberry Curve

 photo Screenshot2010-10-28at105100PM.png
Adium Chat Service on my iMac

Dear Daniel Ink on my left thigh

Dear Blog

Monday, February 03, 2014

Sorry for leaving alone for too long.... neglected you and forgotten about you.
It's you that helped me during my dark, sad, boring and happy days. Many underestimate your power.
I miss you.

Today.... I wanna talk about something which hasn't been on my mind for so long........


many months in years now that I've been meeting people online...tryna hook up and move's a usual MO....I don't have a solid run.... but it will do. Come 2014.... it changed... not only have I hooked heart sank into the abyss. Did I fall in love? or gosh was the sex that good that......

It has been a few days now... I can't shake it off..... :( Usually I least with the other 2...last year. But this....I thought of investing more time with. :)

oh well.... anyways...there's this recent social app called Paktor.....had 2 dates in the space of a month.... for a community that small...... Damn it's effective. Try it out peeps. Credits to Paktor


Next.... Friendship Awards 2013.... Sorry I miss that post.... Let's see who I have in mind...It was indeed a quiet year.

The Spender Friend
Nazrid Fernando

Everlasting Friend
Boon Keat

The Once A While Hangout Friend
Kelvin Hang

The Klang Friend
Swann Loh

The "I wish I had her" Friend
June Goh

The "Once A While" Friend
Guat Ai

The One I Open to Friend

She Remembers me Friend
Li-Lynn Seah

.....Damn I'm scrambling over Twitter and FB to list more people........

annnnd after 10 mins... I can't find anyone else worthy.... =P But these are the people who made the best impression in my life last year. =)


Next.....Wow I last posted about a Wishlist back in August 2012....Guess it has been awhile that I've stopped wishing... I just go get them =P

Well.... To map out 2014..... Tangible goods speaking.....

iPhone 6...... because.....a bigger screen.... why not?

Things that I'm considering
The next  Macbook Air with 8-16GB RAM....Current which is running on 4GB RAM is being chocked by Parallels 9. Insufficient. Time to advance....even my iMac is running on 20GB RAM =P

In Life.... What am I lacking now?.... My own car, house and a girl. I wished that I had my eyes on a home earlier :( oh well... it's the things about the growing up process. Younger people who are still studying and is reading this..... try to sidetrack your wants of a new phone or computer or car.... Aim for a house.

Financially speaking... aiming for 60k in my bank by end of this year... I'm only half way there as of now... :(