Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Movie Review)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My 3rd movie with Nuffnang (at Pavilion)... I think...

First being Law Abiding Citizen ( at Mid Valley)
Second being Star Trek (I think...at One Utama)

Holy mother cow la Churp Churp people damn long queue, scare the shyt out of me =P

Movie was AWE AWE AWE AWE AWE SOME!!!!!!!
Can Jizz
Can Cum
Can Orgasm

What was great is also my company was a cute sort of blind date.... It was smooth and nice... :)

But but but this is where it got fucking sucky

On my right.... Seats H11 and H12

Got one big orangutan of a girl
and one virgin of an ape
Seriously they were talking away throughout the fucking movie. Lemme transcript what I heard over the two hours.....

VirginFuck: Hey if I do this, is it okay?
Me: *gently turn over....wonder is he fingering her, if so...how did he passed through that layer of her tunder thighs?
FatOrangutan: No ar, it's okay... it's fine... most of my guy friend do this to me
Me: *wow, she must have hand HIV or something*

10 minutes later...
VirginFuck: Hey if I hold like this, will you slap me ar?
FatOrangutan: I think I'm gonna slap you soon lor

5 minutes later
VirginFuck: hey you know this friend..... bla bla bla gibberish Fuck nonsense.... bla bla bla bla bla
Fat Orangutan: yea maybe this.... maybe that....

Repeat from the top..... holy mother cock damn annoying....vomit blood.

But all in all... Nuffnang never fails to jaga its bloggers, even if it means putting noisy hand-holding virgins between us and make us enjoy the movie.

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