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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yet another Apple's biggest Rip-off product after the fast dying battery of the iPhone 3GS...
~ looks cool and uber but NO to a certain degree...


OK... the Magic Mouse... why I say its a failure *well at least for the moment..*
it's because that it lacks the REAL gestures that the consumers really need! and from a 5-button went back to only 2! removing the expose & dashboard button. Zooming?.... It's only screen zoom where the normal wired mouse is capable of doing. 360˚ scrolling can also be done with the wired mouse... just that the good part is that it did away with the easy dying scroll ball.

Priced at RM 229 in Malaysia...and with the fact of changing battery... its a hassle + the weight isn't nice for a flat mouse. On the contrary the tracking is awesome and accurate!

My idea is actually to look at the NEW Bamboo Pen & Touch with is a tablet and a MOUSE REPLACEMENT as it can act as a trackpad with most of Macintosh's new trackpad features such as zooming, scrolling, rotating.


Best part is that it has Mac's multi-touch gestures and this tablet can also work on Windows! Best on both worlds right?!?!?! and and... adding to that, it includes a pen and 2 bundled software which is Photoshop Elements & Nik Color Effects Pro.'s a mouse replacement and a tablet so I can explore my sucky art side... muahahahah...The Bamboo Pen & Touch is priced at RM 419 (but I'm getting mine for only RM 338!!! but not as staff price benefits sucks!)and it's available at all Machines outlet. =D

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kenwooi said...

i have a might mouse.. very convenient.. but never tried magic mouse before.. expensive la.. just cool only...
yeah according to you, kinda lacks the functionality.. it's just the look.. =)