Life Update

Saturday, December 15, 2012

So yeah... iPhone is already out here in Malaysia... I gotten mine over  the Apple Online Store...JUST THE PHONE. Getting it on the 18th of December. No fucking thanks to DiGi being a whore, charging RM400 flat rate for termination as compared to last year. Could've have gotten my phone today. FUCK you DiGi. If only I could beat you up till you turn blue like Celcom. Seriously, customer loyalty mean fucking nothing to you. You could easily tie me down continuously on a yearly basis... but heck, God knows what goin through that brain of yours.

Work life is fine... nothing to shout about. But every day I learn that religion is for a bunch of fuckers who wants status in some shyt. Don't get me wrong... there are some who are really finding God via religion, but one does not need a religion to feel God's love.... one needs faith! and believe in Him. At work I see people doing religion related staffs to score points to be promoted. I see people from the same religion but very quick to turn the other side when one needs help. Fuck religion! all you need is God!

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