The Durian, Work and Potato

Monday, August 03, 2009

stood 10 hours plus straight! ~ thanks iPhone 3GS

had a nice day out with my old kaki... and she said we did share a virus...making me feel a lil sick now... *but worth it I guess =D* Proposal was nice... funny!! and there's was jakun syiok sendiri dude laughing damn loud in the cinema....I pity his girlfriend.

Had durian... just couldn't resist!!!....worst feeling after that. Tapi it was damn sedap!
Took me forever to sleep last night and it was the night the phone had to rang.

Finals is like next Thursday and Friday... and I haven't start studying....great!
seeing friends in college made me feel a lil better =D. class is at 12 but now its only 9.... what the fuck....

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