Watching soccer!!! Many Ultraman!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

7th mins Man Utd score already?.... tek tek, and my prediction is that The Blues are gonna win... o well... at this point of time... it 22nd mins as I typed till her....

Blues kena drill wei... wtf.... I don't feel it that Chelsea is gonna win


O, btw... for sports fan who wanna watch online tv on a Mac... I'm using the TVUPlayer... do head on to their website and download it.

Muka bosan!

Mati la Ultraman!!!!!! - just die!!!

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kenwooi said...

wow i gotta download that app too on my mac.. haha.. is it smooth? i hope so.. can watch channels next time then.. haha... it's 2-1 now.. chelsea winning! =D