It's the Question of Civilization..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cow Head, Pig Head....soon Human heads will be laying around the streets, if this isn't handled well. It's not the question of religion or race? Chinese, Indian, Malay.... Muslim, Christians, Hindus... We are 1Malaysia now(though it's not working too well) and this issue shouldn't be look as a racial/religion issue.

The burning of both surau and churches is just damn uncivilized... Fucking assholes trying to instigate hatred among the people. Let's put aside politics/politicians as well.... that too create stupid tension among the people... because honestly, Malaysians have a very sempit mind and a very short fius... anything of any magnitude can create chaos.

So if you wanna keep up with the news, keep an open mind... don't get influenced by the comments given, just read to keep up...not judge.

Honestly.... THIS SHIT started off from a stupid problem which could've been avoided in the FIRST PLACE.

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