Monday, March 01, 2010


Death.... how long can you run from it? How close was it to you? Did it missed you? It was a close call for me last year.... obviously that I'm alive now, I'm taking things for granted again. LOL...

Is death the beginning? or the end? Does death tear someone down? Does it bring life to something so dead? Today, I was stunned, stoned, speechless, petrified.... consoling a friend was hard....very hard, seeing what he was going through made me think lots... :( My friend is a strong person. It was a mini reunion too for the lil old gang.... minus 2 because MIA already; but it was simple...we comforted him....hope he's fine. Where does life stack up? many tried killing themselves over issues that can be solved but they just don't see the solution....while some actually pray that death doesn't come upon them ASAP.

it's been a bleak Tiger year so far....many many has left. But don't be too sad...they are back in God's arms. God loves each and every one of us....don't be too sad over the ones you lost, they're in a better place.~Easier said than done~

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