Madam Kwan!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

, Vanitha, Ms. Maz and I took him out for expensive nasi lemak.... LOL. Somewhere away from college and towards the city. Here are some photos!!!

*with his Ice Campur

* together-gether!!!

He enjoyed our company as we shared our stories... Madam Kwan Bangsar was nice and quiet...Food was nice but pricey :(

*He was busy listening about what food is there on the table...

*you know Daniel, when you're married, you're basically screwed...

But he did gave lectures for my ethics class. His point of view were awesome!!! O well, economics+ethics...what can you ask? TAXES! and of course labor and all.. :D. I don't know about the other lectures in Econs class or etc... but it did felt that he was a little out of place when he lectured (but he answers economic answers very very well)

It can be compared with the Malaysia's GST which is coming up soon where items will be taxed as you purchase it. The argument is pretty much the same of what he did lectured. PAYING TAX for something YOU'RE NOT GETTING..or it doesn't help the government to help you in anyways. Malaysia's GST is soon gonna hurt the poor people (as though they are not suffering enough)...where non-taxable people are not paying tax, when they PURCHASE products!. The GST bill has been postponed at the moment though.....but we'll see how it goes.

Back to topic... lol.... the energy of his lectures...were good (as he is the first foreign lecturer I got at Inti).

Do visit this. Well I'm trying...Need you guys to support!!!!! esp NU students!

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