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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Semester ended.....

World Religion and Philosophy.....

I feel a little smarter =D
I feel that Mr. E is the only lecturer who puts in the MOST effort in what he does....videos and the lectures... he keeps it open... though I sleep in almost 75% of the class....the classes are the classes I never regret taking =D

Spending has been somewhat curbed......bought the Airport Extreme....
Semester was fun but all the nice people were away....and I had to pick up the slack on some stuffs.... so lazy =p

So many kawan converted to Mac....

Ms Putri

And my manager said my style of selling was lacking something. LOL.... I ain't doing sales...I convert people and make sure they use the Mac.

Work pretty shitty right now especially after Valarie and Tracy left. That new dude MUCH problems! Lucky I got some kawan who can still ada gang with.

Social life......only active on Facebook. It's funny that I hang with almost every group in Northwood, but never seem to fit in.... There's the:

Ezen's gang
Thor's gang
Sherlyn's gang
LeaYee's gang

ada la cakap with all...tapi tak la di-absorb into d group.

Music preference....damn the life at machines is making me listen/WATCH Korean music.... PLUS FARINA!!!(i miss you!!!) lol. BAD FOR HEALTH!!! lolz....
but not to forget Paramore, B.o.B, Enrique and many more.

More soon to come...I really tak da mood to blog :(

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