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Sunday, August 19, 2012

bla bla bla bla bla iPhone 5
well I guess you people has seen enough leaks, prototype and rumor photos. Therefore I ain't posting any here. Go look at engadget, macrumors or even gizmodo.

Anyhows... I think that's not really the phone, at least the steel band which I'm not happy with. DAMN THOSE speaker/mic holes! too big, too ugly for an Apple product!!!! But the smaller dock is legit since the previous move from Magsafe to the Magsafe 2 on the Macbook Airs.


Apple has to start digging into your pockets a little more deeper now.
Simple logic.

Over the past....say.... 5 years.... you have bought many iPods/iPhones/spare chargers. Therefore you have so many extra that you don't even need another one. So Apple is GONNA MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS! Precedent event would be the Magsafe 2 adapter for the Magsafe chargers which costs USD 10.....yea its fucking cheap in the States but it blardy costs RM 38 in Malaysia (Don't talk to me about conversions! Dollar to Dollar comparison).

So... If I were to get the iPhone 5... I would need to stock up on new cables since I was previously so comfortable with what I have now :(

I have:
1x permanently attached to my iMac
1x for my iPhone charger
1x for my iPad charger
1x intermittent faulty-ness
1x my sister is using.


It would not be a surprise if Apple decided not to bump the camera to 12MP (but that would be fucking retarded!). Fucking S3 is also 8MP following its older S2 model..... haih. Personally don't see the need for a Quad Core Processor but if Apple insist to push it as an epic gaming device then yea. 

Me, I only worry bout the battery life and the camera because... you'll never know when you need it to snap an awesome photo =D

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