New Apples so far this 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I started this year telling myself no more!.... especially with the recent iPhone 4s purchase.

What I've bought so far... Let's look through...

The new iPad 16GB WiFi (bought around April 2012 I think)
I kinda lost a lot selling my iPad 2 32GB WiFi. But life goes on.
Reviews on this device?
just a nice screen. couldn't give 2 shit about the camera. iOS 6 will bring Siri and Clock minus YouTube. I'm using the beta at the moment. Works great!!! 

Next was ANOTHER JUMP of my Macbook Air (June 2012), making this my 3rd Macbook Air in the span of 30 months... whooops! Again, I lost some selling... meh!
Reviews on this device?
Packs a SATA 3/ 6Gbps SSD, for the 3rd time mine is Toshiba. FUCK YOU APPLE! I think they still  ship with the Samsung SSD which are faster.bitch. USB 3! finally! helps though. But the main difference is the SSD which I mentioned earlier, works epicly. no complains at all.

 new box appears to be heavier.. weird

Recent itchy purchases were the Apple TV 3 and the Airport Express. No money but still wanna spend like cock!.... haih :(
Reviews on these devices?

Apple TV
finally relevant in Malaysia. I think it works BEST when u hook it up to your router than letting it run wirelessly. Fucks up Airplay especially if your router if crowded with other clients connected to it. Using the iPhone as a remote makes way more sense as it can bring up the on screen keyboard.

Airport Express 2nd Gen
now I realise what a fucking idiot I am for not bridging my Extreme 2 years ago. And I'm doing it now...with an Express. GENIUS!!!!!!. Well, its a much more refined product compared to the 1st gen. Better specs overall which you can read more at Apple's website. Cute, light and packs a better performance especially for Malaysia UniFi users. But if you have the budget, get the Extreme. NO REGRETS I TELL YOU =) SEMI-D and BUNGALOW, Extreme is for you while Express can help you extend it. That's pretty much it

Damn  I miss blogging... haha

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