Saturday, February 06, 2010



what a good timing for Celcom to start this contest...Same timing as our stormy weather nowadays... Lightning has been scary too...FREE MARKETING TOOL for Celcom!!! Heavy rain... lightning strike once only then people suddenly go "eh, you know what I wanna get a Blackberry Storm 2" P/s: I'm one of those people.... Ya, really need a new phone... I'm falling out of gaya here, my Motorola V9 and my Nokia 6233 is just making me look so outdated as a tech-geeky person. Always dreamt of a Blackberry...and the first Storm was kinda out... no WiFi??? I just need a new PHONE!!!!

And why Celcom over Maxis to hold the Storm... Cause Maxis just can't HANDLE IT!!! Not to trash talk bout Maxis here but I've been working close enough with Maxis people to know how shitty the service is.*FACTS FACTS FACTS* especially the one is Sunway Pyramid...gosh workers can even mock customers with sarcasm and even look down on them. Never once I heard complaints like these from Celcom users. Plus though I'm a DiGi + Hotlink User... I think it'll be cool to complete an all 3 telco lines in my pocket. What do we always hear bout Celcom?...For me, I hear that they have the best coverage plus the cheapest calls... I'm yet to switch though, may the BlackBerry be the connector between me and Celcom... and...
even STORM from X-Men agrees with me!-



smiley said...

waaa...i love ur post..unique..

all the best ^_^

good luck,

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

nice post, and good luck! do check out my post on this ya?