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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What the hell is ALL THIS!!?!??!?!?!?!?

1)Anwar Sodomy case
2) Lim Guan Eng out of favour?
3) Racial remarks...

my thoughts on these recent news.

Anwar's case.... O lord... found semen in the dude's ass? I thought last year there was a hospital that said Saiful had no injuries or whatsoever... why suddenly got semen in his ass? I think Saiful should be charged as well if they wanna bring the game onto Anwar, anal sex is forbidden in Islam... Why charge the do-er and not the do-ee as well? Are you trying to say that Anwar jammed his 60 year old dick into a young adult and he just doesn't do anything about it? CONSENT!!! CONSENT!!!! Anwar is old.... sure a young adult like Saiful can push him away if he doesn't want it. The fact that he succumbed to it and then make a hoo-ha in court is just fucking bodoh!. On the other hand, we as most citizen really don't know whether that Anwar really has that kind of fetish or not. But so what if he did? The case is such a plot against him... If Saiful didn't wanna be fucked in the ass, he could've left.

This is the BS part in the trial

"Walaupun dia 'takut dan tidak mahu", Mohd Saiful berkata, dia mengikut juga arahan Anwar dan membersihkan diri dalam bilik air serta keluar dengan memakai tuala dan masuk ke dalam bilik tidur."

No.2 the Penang crap that is going on....This really shows that the Opposition cannot run the country... Remember.. they won in 2008 in the Political Tsunami was not about their capability but about the rakyat's anger towards BN. Opposition aren't really doing a good job, internal fights...bla bla bla... they only know how to mock BN... I don't see any real work done... bla bla bla... One leader is nyanyuk in the Kampung, one leader is always charged by the law... GOSH!!!

No.3 Let's Play a Political Game...
This dude who was reported... who said racial stuffs like taking away Indian's citizenship, calling them beggars and Chinese coming here to jual badan(SELL BODY) is absurd... but come to think of it, how many RATIONAL Malays are sane enough to actually come out honestly and make a statement like that, destroying your career in a blink of an eye. This is clearly a political game, he's the pawn.... and the main HANTU is actually sending out a message to the Indians and Chinese. We all know that this isn't the first time that a racial statement like this is said...

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