Friday, December 11, 2009

"I don't get why I have to be part of your fucking burden because OF YOUR LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY!"

"your managerial skill disgusts me"

Let's take off from what I've just said above from my Facebook status right after I got home from work today.

1st status:
I really don't give 2 shit about you coming late or waking up late or what so fucking ever excuse you wanna come up with... Just MAN UP and be responsible bitch... Me holding the key just because you're scared you might wake up late?.. Fuck you! Christian MY FAT CHINESE ASS!!! all righteous at work and think some colleagues are asses. Do include yourself the next time!

2nd status:
O hell yeah this is a BIG one... which MOFO don't work for money? how many fucking people working in retail don't wake up, go to work for THE MONEY? My manager can actually tell people to not work at the outlet if all he/she thinks is money! BS... then why are you so fucking worried about the store target every month? for you GAWD DAMN PAY RIGHT? And please stop telling me that I don't understand and that I'll only get it if I be the manager one day... YOU FUCKING BIAS BASTARD! go to hell moron! Just because you have the authority to push people around doesn't mean that you go around pushing... FUCK THAT! Work is Work, Friend is Friend, Ethics is Ethics... Don't fucking mix it up and be like our fucking government creating cronies with parasites with actually consumes you more than you gain from them!

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