Friday, December 25, 2009

Venting out time.... crazy day at work today... gosh.. :(

got this crazy chinese day who talked a whole lot of crap to me... I wondered how legit his shyt was... kena for like almost an hour.... pure BS.....

but the start of the day was kinda nice... TanSri Dato' Ahmad Merican ajak me go makan with him after I teman him buy iPhone...haha.. Damn Maxis people do shyt work.... Don't even know how to sell. Guess only special people understand each other (practically I was like his PA...). O he didn't get me a grand meal at a posh restaurant, instead we makan at Jusco Food Court.... It was a short and simple lunch. We shared story as the last time we makan together was last year. Damn bangga la makan with Badawi's close friend/Founder of tv3,ntv7 and tv 9....

The best joke he shared with today was:

"My granddaughter who is like bout 5 years old asked me why people give me the name TanSri? Dato is ok la...but why TanSri? isn't that a Chinese mix Indian name? coz at school I got friends name Tan who is Chinese...and Sri who is Indian.....so you're a malay but you got Chinese mix Indian name too...."


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