Monday, May 12, 2008

......Allah Wak Bar!!!

Those are the lines most heard in movies where there are Muslim extremist trying to eradicate their this case....clearly...the Americans

Well at times the Muslims around the world critique Americans' act to portray Muslims as terrorist...there are times where they just don't care what the Americans do in their film *like our local police doing random rounds to collect (ahem ahem....clears throat)*

As the latest compilation of videos showing that Muslims are violent people by a Dutch dude...the whole Muslim world was furious by it....but the fact is that the guy was just compiling videos...not creating fake ones..

There are great war and conspiracy movies in the recent years which are nice to watch those movie....there are Muslim extremist *NOT CREATING STORIES*.....just look the the few movie titles below....


Ok...we don't have to go far....Malaysia makes a hell of a noise when an Islamic issue is brought up, like Americans going to war with the Middle East countries...the Dutch video and cartoons, the Islreali-Palestine war*ok...that topic is just COMPLICATED*

But those movies Rendition and The Kingdom, those movies has quite the same element where they portray the Muslims as terrorist, killing and suicide bombing how they really are in real life. So what now?....most movies are filmed based on world demographics...and these extremist/terrorist are one of them *the most popular ones*. Others include like mafias from Russia, modern pirates who are from China who can steal people's technology at a blink, African rebels...from Africa itself of course.....

So....what's there to make a fuss about when the nation allows movies like the above to be screen but at the same time critique what's right or this showing a lack of focus? or just to simply pin people's mistakes?....My point of view, its just demographics...DEAL with it!!!

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