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Sunday, October 17, 2010

So, I asked my lecturer about how girls nowadays still succumb to abuse my their partner... I mean...modern days.... feminism*oya...that does not apply here*

its sickening to see that there are still dumb stupid girls hanging around beast.
Well, my lecturer gave her view:

"Some girls like dominant guys, coz they can take care of them and that they feel protected. And when they get hit or abused.... they do not blame d guy, instead think that they themselves are wrong...and being hit was not an issue"

kinda true what she said....but newsflash...that guy aint your dad...and even dad has lines when they hit their daughters.

It's such a shame to know a friend who is like that. Saddening. her bruises were bad...When... would you girls stand up and fight against this violence

L:the bastard who abuse *mark this face and may he never walk on Earth the same again*

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