Friendship Award 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010.... looking at it.... feels empty... let's see how this year fair out =D

Best Classmate:
Boon Keat *Altos*

Best New-Comer friend:
Mei Kuen *we talk,bitch and gossip bout people and she has a Mac*

The Nice person friend:
Patrick Yeok *this nice*

Best KLANG friend:
Sherlyn Tan *Isi Isi*

Gossip Buddy:
Qisti *Just epic at the things we know bout you guys*

Closer to me this 2010 friend:
Kelvin Hang

M.I.A friend:
Mustaqim *internship + ponteng LOL*

Nicer+Hotter Body this 2010 friend:
Amanda Lee

Smartest friend:
Ezen *2years running*

Hottest Petite friend:
Wong Sook Ping *2years running*

Best work colleague:
Izwan *joke so much together =D*

Best Skype friend:
Tuan Tynn

Most reliable friend:
Thor En hao *The Epic, The Perfectionist...What I'd do without him*

The Forgotten Crush:
CJ Tan

Still Talk to SEGi friend:
Sarah Tan

WORST friend:
No name will be mentioned but it's sad to have this category this year. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

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