iPhone 4s or iPhone 5?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

My take...

This would be a Deja vu for Apple fanatics when Apple updated the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3Gs.

iPhone 3G - 2008

iPhone 3Gs - 2009

iPhone4 - 2010

iPhone4s - 2011

Didn't everyone learn that pattern thingy in science and math...

Daniel says


What's gonna happen?

Based on what I know about Apple and rumors and predictions.... I'll go with

Dual-Core A5 Processors


8MP Back Camera and a possible 1MP Camera for the front

Same Form Factor

Re-engineered antenna

Enhanced Speakers

still 16GB and 32GB

same thickness

Basically it's gonna look the same with just some hardware bumps.... no biggie. But that's just my call. 4th October.... finally another day to stay up for Apple =D

and kudos to Google.... new Blogger posting layout. Awkward, but getting the hang of it

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