Malaysians Malaysia Malay Lay ay a?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Apa Nak Jadi Malaysia?...

So reliant on Petroleum?.... Mati
So reliant on PalmOil?... Mati

Currency weakening coz of above two reasons... Mati

1MDB Cannot answer properly, causes worries in FDI...foreign investment pulls out... Mati

Najib.... still there... still No.1... I wonder how he sleeps at night... I need his secret. I do bad stuffs a fraction of his magnitude and I still find it hard to sleep at night sometimes.

How and why are there people....blind and non blind, stupid and non stupid, Malay and non Malay....can support a ruling government like this? NO.. I'm not saying that Fakatan Rakyat is the answer(coz they got lots of shyt too) but why are there still supporters of the ruling government? Those with kepentingan I get it la but those hooligans low life type.....oh tak faham la.

MYR Currency strength jatuh.... Harder for us Malaysians to enjoy the world, to holiday or to send kids overseas to study

1 USD = MYR 3.60++ from MYR 2.90 few months back
1SGD = MYR 2.70+- from MYR 2.20 many years back
1GBP = MYR 5.50++ from MYR 5 few months back

eh malu la... MALU!!!!! where to put face... What is Zeti Aziz doing?

The ruling government can easily get my vote... just answer one thing

How is it a small island with hardly any resources have a currency which is close to triple of ours? If there can fix that back to 1:1.... FOREVER la I'll vote them

The way the government answers about 1MDB is like me telling my teacher that my pet ate my homework =.=

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