Sunday, November 16, 2008

SEGi College Subang Jaya is SHYT...
SEGi University College is SHYT...

Management sucks, Admin Sucks, CEO Clement sucks, DEAN Helena sucks.....DON'T fucking go to SEGi


Damn I work so hard for shyt... you don't even fucking see it. You always just wanna be right your fucking immature small boy. Don't you realise you're collapsing? Your people are so fucking demotivated to work for you. What the fuck are you trying to do? what the fuck are you trying to prove?

I don't pity you honestly.... I'm just being nice and smile. I feel that you should learn to give in at times and try to fucking listen to what we trying to tell you sometimes...

Fuck A/D


You wanna know the fucking truth is... I've been trying way to long... since after high school. Even when I was attached... hell no I wasn't cheating, I was just trying to keep close contact.

But the experience was like talking to a wall...a brick... but.... I didn't give up and it took me 3 years to finally catch hold of you.... well you did come and go in Feb 2007, and I feel its happening again, right now.

Who am I to say something? who am I to hold on?

This time.... I really don't want you to leave again ~I want you to stay

damn I'm falling for you..... =/


It doesn't even matter........... ~Linkin Park


SEGi said...

first of all, for an ass that hates SEGi College, you sure got a lot to say about it and you know way too much about it.

secondly, you retarded SEGi drop-out, you’re nothing more than just a loser who i presume that didn’t graduate from SEGi, that’s why you are making so much noise about it.

thirdly, SEGi don’t produce idiots or sucky students. the problematic ones, like you, is the reason why SEGi is getting a bad name. SEGi has great facilities. TRUE. SEGi has also produce excellent and astounding graduates, just like Taylor’s, HELP, KDU, KBU, Sunway, etc.

so conclusion, is that, a low-life….. i mean, NO life dickward like you has got nothing to do in your life, so you decided to take it out on SEGi because you’re not “educated and qualified” enough to join SEGi.

if you are bored, here’s a good advice, go to Pet’s Wonderland, buy a guinea pig or a hamster and hump it till you get rid of your boredom.

and for the rest of you clowns commenting here, go fuck yourselves. thank you

Jee Sheng said...

haha... no1 layan you right until u have to post it on my cbox? damn you must be a tight virgin i suppose :D