MUS-Ah you say this kinda things to the rakyat?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

"If the rakyat doesn't want it, I can take my people off the streets...letting criminals run around and no one catching the mat rempits...etcetc"

Owell, I can't really remember the exact words....this was along the line, it was on news bout 2-3 days ago. How the FUCK the Police Chief of the country give out that kind of statement to the rakyat just because his force was criticized over poor judgment?

it is a threat...Besides...if the police is really taken off the would only make the malays suffer even more as most of the police are Malay....and if you're off the street means you're not doing work...therefore, all jadi penggangur. Then all this penggangur become criminal rob people. So Musa...what are you saying? you wanna breed criminals? Then we get massive tax reduction because we don't need to pay for police!!! LOLZ

What happen....happened....we just have to move on with it. No point beating round the bushes and still talk about it. There were some views said that the boy deserved to die, he committed a crime and his actions had consequences. But I believe ultimately that the police have options and not all crimes are paid with death. Petty theft is not punishable by death, fraud isn't, hit and run isn't...and many more!!!

What that cop did.....was murder

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Melanie said...

At the same time, the media can show what they want us to see instead of the truth. If we look at one perspective, the police obviously have lousy judgement. If we look at another perspective, that kid should not drive through the roadblock and should stop instead. The police were doing their job, thinking that he was a criminal on the run. Think about it, will it be possible to notice the age of the driver in a chase? That said, he's a kid w/o a license and he was obviously shit scared,so out of panic he just drove away. So in the first place, why does he need to drive w/o a license? Multiple perspectives can be a pain the ass. Lol.