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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

fuck how I wish i could publish like the Oatmeal =D

How working in a Mall made me come up with crap like this:

Theory 1: Waiting Distance after a Toilet Break during a Date/Outing.

3 waiting points

1: right outside the toilet
He/she likes you, can't let you go....can't let you off his/her sight.... you're important. or maybe clingy or super needy? =p

2: halfway out back to the mall
Still in the shy process...not sure whether you're the right partner to be with...somewhat important... basically 50/50... Flip a coin mutha fucka! =D

3: right back in the mall area
Pretty much a doomed relationship waiting for go bust... or he/she is bored of you, taking you for granted....lol. eg: eh eh... I'll be at XXX shop looking at condoms, come find me when you're done! =D

Theory 2: The Fat Chick Wantedness. O.0? lol

Ever seen skinny-normal guys dating fat girls?... lols.... like odd couples.... not to be racial...but mostly malays.... but there are a fair share of chinese too.... indians.....never come across.

ok, wanna hear Daniel's theory on this?

okok.... maybe:

1) Some fat girls have self esteem issue, thus making them easier to catch...*as long someone want me.... ok la!!!*
and...logically, who is more capable of being picky? the plump or the hot one? LOL

2) Again with self esteem issue, but from the guy side..... hmmm... easy get, easy sex... some extra flesh wouldn't be a problem for me (well, that's what they think)

3) ok fine... maybe its love.... stroking the fats like flipping a book is so romantic right?

o well it's shyt odd right the shyt I come out with.... but...it's through observation and my own experience.... LOLX!!!

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

wat the heck?! HAHAHAHA!!! FUNNY THOUGH!