Saturday, January 29, 2011

distinction |disˈti ng k sh ən|
1 a difference or contrast between similar things or people : there is a sharp distinction between domestic politics and international politics | I was completely unaware of class distinctions.
• the separation of things or people into different groups according to their attributes or characteristics : these procedures were to be applied to all births, without distinction.
2 excellence that sets someone or something apart from others : a novelist of distinction.
• a decoration or honor awarded to someone in recognition of outstanding achievement : he gained the highest distinction awarded for excellence in photography.
• recognition of outstanding achievement, such as on an examination : I made a distinction in Greek. Compare with merit .

FUCKING get that right strangers/friends/superiors.

Friend is Friend
Money is Money
Business is Business

NEVER EVER FUCKING MIX THOSE 3 UP. It always has been 3 separate entities.

"eh friend la, can la...help la...." FUCK YOU CHEAP ASS!!!!!
Have you ever considered the time I spend my life on learning stuff.... and here you come leeching of my property/intellectual. or for that matter what I have downloaded. FUCKING chibai.... THANK YOU also don't have sometimes (like that LACK OF SEX CHINESE BITCH I encountered at work today, I hope you pussy tear all the way up to your fat HEAVY lips)... FUCK you la... just because we are friends/worker...I'm oblige to help/be nice to you?

I dare say this coz I have a friend who actually knows the boundaries between those 3. He wants something he offers something in return....without hesitation. He knows and understands the trouble that people go through. I fucking respect him for it...and for that matter I respect gay guys more for that matter.

But heck we are just fucking parasiting Malaysians right? That's why the country is not fucking moving anywhere. Fuck you monkeys... God gave you a brain to LEARN and THINK! Given the fact that we only use 10% of our brain capabilities.... I think average Malaysians only use 2%. NO FUCKING LEARNING CURVE in life. Everything also need to lean and spoon-feed.

teach you to use your Apple product (friends+strangers) USE GOOGLE!
give you what I have downloaded to watch for myself
be PATIENT just because I known you for years.
listen to your SOB stories

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