Pokemon Go Malaysia 3rd Migration - Melaka

Tuesday, October 04, 2016


A while since I blogged.

Just wanna share what's there in Melaka if you're going there for Pokemon Go.

I was there from 1st October - 3rd October 2016.
Right off my mind of what I caught are.....

This is at Jonker, Dataran Pahlawan, Mahkota Parade, Melaka Raya

Magenemite - about 38 of them
Voltorb - about 38 of them
Electrode - spawned (didn't catch coz wanna evolve one for experience)
Magneton - spawned (didn't catch coz wanna evolve one for experience)
Vulpix - Caught 1
Dratini - Sighted one at The Shore shopping mall (no spawn)
Porygon - Sighted one in between Hatten Square/Mahkota Parade (no spawn, didn't hunt for it)
Shellder - Caught 2, One by the seaside at Dataran 1Malaysia and the floating mosque
Charmander - Caught 2
Bulbasaur - Caught 1
Squirtle - Caught 1
Mankey - Caught 1 at Dataran 1Malaysia
Sandshrew - Caught 1
Rhyhorn - Caught 1
Poliwag - Caught a few
Magikarp - Caught a few
Psyduck - Caught a few
Staryu - Caught a few
Seel - Caught 1
Machop - Caught 1
Spearow - Caught many
Arbok - Spawned at floating mosque
Gloom - Caught 1
Oddish - Jonker

That's about it... but the spawn are mostly great from Jonker to Datarn... Happy hunting!!

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